Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

Yes, the long weekend is gonna be awesome! Although today I did a lot of work. Plus I’m in Kyoto so I will hit the Gion festival on Monday night. (Why are weekdays capitalized in English? Makes no sense really…)

As to other things. I should hopefully level up in another 3-4 days, meaning this will be my fastest level in while… being only 25 days instead of 30. :crazy_face:

At least I’m making steady strides on Bunpro being over 1/3 done with N4. ^____^


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I haven’t looked at my leaderboard in a while, so now it’s quite a lot :see_no_evil:
Congratulations on your level-ups!! You’re killing it and frankly it’s inspiring to see you guys succeed!! :sparkles:

Also congratulations to everyone one else that leveled up recently, I have neglected my congratulatory duties as of recently so I missed some.


Good luck everyone and remember not to overdo it or you’ll end up with a 1000+ review backlog :grimacing:


That’s because days of the week are considered a proper noun、naming a specific person、place、thing or idea、thus are capitalised when written、the same way as your name is (and for the same reason). English lesson in Japanese forum over. Lol.

Agreed!!! Even though I’ve slowed down and not achieved as much as I wish I could at the moment 、I draw inspiration from this thread and the people doing a great job、which makes me not want to give up or feel bad about going slower. We will all get cake in the end!

YES! That’s why all my new level lessons are still waiting in a queue for me. I’m just taking a little breather and doing reviews to keep up. I don’t want to burn out…


There will always be slower and faster phases, as long as you don’t give up, you’re doing it right! Don’t beat yourself up over it, when you have more time/energy/resources you’ll get back to it :innocent:
We have enough time until our goal and getting to take a few breathers along the way makes the whole journey more enjoyable (and more effective probably) :relieved:
Through slow and fast, we’re in this together :sweat_smile::crabigator:


I LOVE THIS. :heart::heart::heart: Thank you.

The fact that we are at the same level and you have said that makes me feel one million percent better. I kinda felt like if I kept falling behind I’ll never make the Olympic goal.

And THIS is why I love you guys! Can’t wait to feast on victory cake with you!! :heart::heart::cake::cake:


I’ve been so busy too this past week, so I haven’t been able to visit the thread and Discord as much :<

I love what you said as well @avalia! It really cheered me up. We’ll get there one day and we’re all in this together :heart:


I think I’m waaayy too obsessed with that wkstats chart too, haha. I’ve been keeping it fairly consistent since level 6, but know it’s going to get ruined at some point due to vacations//work/life. I’m just going to have to accept it x__x


…and that’s a good thing. Go with the flow, best chance to really finish this.


You’re right! Thanks for the encouragement. Burnout is definitely a very real thing.


Anyone else finding themselves dreaming about kanji and vocabulary?


It was more of a rhetorical question. Sometimes I like the contemplate the strangeness of different languages. In Sweden, names of the weekdays are not proper nouns, but then neither is the name of languages, so neither are capitalized. Only actual names are capitalized (I’m sure there are exceptions since languages thrives on them) like country names, brand names, etc. ~End of Swedish lesson

Also, when it comes to speed, you haven’t got anything to worry about. Me though? At my current speed I’ll be about 13-15 levels higher than I am currently by the olympics. :sweat: That isn’t even halfway to 60…




Thank you! Just started BunPro and so far so good, I like hearing the sentences and trying to match them. The pacing is fast but I’m sure after some practice it’ll get easier.


Thank you avalia and congratulations on your recent level up.

I’ve been away this last week so although I managed to level up in 8 days my review accuracy was pretty bad and I’ve got 160 lessons to catch up on. I think this level is going to be a long one.


Well, you choose your pace yourself, so just slow down lessons when reviews are getting to about the level you can deal with. (Also don’t forget about ghost reviews if you have those turned on.) Or did you mean something else with pacing?


Congratulations on level to @irrelephant, @avalia, and @Kawa-Cocolada! <3


My bad. Was only trying to help. Xx

Thank you for explaining! The grammar is quite different 、isn’t it? Very interesting to think about.

As much as we say it’s a race、it’s not. You need to do WK the best way you can for you. It needs to fit into your life and learning style. Plus、if you go too fast it would be so easy to burn out、or not learn properly bc you’re rushing everything. I think you’re doing great! You’re here、you’re moving forward 、you’re learning and you’re a great friend to all the Olympians. Perfect!

I’ll just put this here. Xx


Haha, no worries on the explanation of English. I don’t mind, but there was no need was what I meant. I love learning about languages, the syntax and grammar and stuff, so I’m glad you told me.

The more I learn of Japanese grammar the more I realize Swedish and English grammar are very similar. Not exactly the same, but far far more similar than I thought before. Because Japanese is not even close to similar.

I could go faster if I was allowed to do WK in Japanese classes. :crazy_face: But as I’m not, I do the best I can to keep progressing and this group helps me get to my WK lessons more often, so I will keep hanging with you guys even when it is clear I can’t hit the deadline no matter what I do.


Thank you! I managed to do all my critical reviews on time but I still have so many lessons and reviews piled up from before the JLPT. I hope I can clear that queue this week…


Thank you :innocent: