Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

I have Firefox, and could do that, but then there would be no notifications wen reviews are due. :cry::cry:

Actually, I’ve been using a new Android app called Flaming Durtles. It was developed by one of our own WK learners, @ejplugge. It’s really great! I highly recommend it if you use Android. It comes packed with a few scripts that people like to use, which you can switch on or off as you wish. There’s no confetti on a level up (maybe I should suggest that, lol) but it is honestly THE BEST thing out there for Android.

The filter you speak of works in Flaming Durtles.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the WK page about it - -

And here’s a link to the app store for it (it’s free, although I would gladly pay a donation if it was possible!) - -