Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

Also congrats on your level up! Only just refreshed my leaderboard


So many level ups, congratz to:
and probably some folks I don’t have on my leaderboard!


Thank you @irrelephant! Congrats on your level up too :sparkling_heart:

If you think your brain needs a break, I encourage you to take one - you deserve it! Especially since you had been working hard to prepare for the JLPT too.

And thank you again @MissDagger :sparkles: 一緒に頑張りましょう!



Wow! How do you enter the data / detect what’s a leech and determine what to enter? Are you putting in all your hundreds of leeches by hand?


I finally started (and finished) level 17 lessons and am now at 0/0. I had quite a backlog of reviews so it feels good to have gotten through all those too. I think I lost motivation for a moment tbh. It’s hard to keep the momentum up when life gets stupidly busy. Anyway、almost one third of the way there、the desire to read along with the book club and of course、the Olympians have been my driving force to kick my own butt and get on with things. Lol.


I use leech list to count the amount of leeches. Then I just simply enter the amount of leeches into a table.

Another script I can recommend is the Leech and SRS Dashboard breakdown


Thank you :slight_smile: . I’m trying to be relaxed about it since I had a couple of these breaks already and I’m somewhat confident that I will always come back from them. But secretly it still bugs me… I’ll just take that as a good sign: a part of me still wants to progress and I just have to wait it out until 90% of me wants to get back into it.

Well done!! And I really can relate to that – there’s only so much mental energy that we have available in a day. But as long as we keep at it, things will work out in the end. And I think it is normal, probably even beneficial up to some point, to have motivational ups and downs as a response to the current total amount of stress in our lives. As long as you don’t stop completely, motivation will come back when it is time, I’m sure.

Ever since I started with the leaderboard script I now feel bad about anyone I might have missed and that now feels like I’m intentionally ignoring them when congratulating people on their level up. Always great to find yet another tiny thing to worry about, what else would I be doing all day long :wink:
To anyone I missed on my leaderboard: I’m sorry, it was not intentional :smiley:


Congrats on getting to lvl 20 @avalia. Have some fire blingee gifs


The poster hereby declares no responsibility for any eye damage or seizures that may occur due to the over-exposure to Blingee gifs


And congratulations @emucat, I just saw that you did indeed make it to level 44 as planned.


Yes… but now is terrible. Like 140 new lessons…


Deep deep in 地獄 of Level 37!


I hear you on that. I also personally don’t want to add every Olympian. We are all great, but I want to at least recognize the username when I see the level up. So I have most if not all the regulars of this thread, although I do add one every now and then so still don’t quite have all, or someone might become regular who wasn’t. ^^


That’s a good way of going about it ^^ Life will be getting progressively busier for me in the last third of the year, so your strategy may come in handy for me!

Oof, I just got hit in the middle school Myspace nostalgia gut lolololol

I need to get better at refreshing my leaderboard… I finally figured out how to use the script not too long ago. I’m trying to get better at timely congratulations, I promise T_T

On another note, @avalia you were right! I just got my first radical burns this morning after nearly six months of WaniKani! :sparkles: I shall persevere… 絶対に諦めない!


I’ve joined the 30-39 crew!! Hooray! I spent a good 30-ish days on level 28, as I needed to let my review pile chill a little bit, then proceeded to ably blast through 29. And I think I can continue this momentum, now. I guess 31 is technically the half way point, which I’m super excited for!


Congratz on first burns :crabigator::fire:


Congratz on first burns! They were so exciting (I had mine in April). Still excited when burns happen. :blush:


Honestly, one of the best posts on this thread so far


So proud of everyone leveling up and achieving major milestones in the way of the Crabigator.
We’ll all get that cake, I’m sure of that :’)

I also sometimes forget to congratulate people on my leaderboard, or neglect to do so if I see many people have already congratulated them (I should change that, thinking about it). But know I’m rooting for all of you, my Olympian family!


Thank you @jprspereira, @MissDagger, and everyone :sunflower: It’s definitely very satisfying and motivating at the same time.

Halfway there @meadowdrone, congratulations!! That’s a major achievement!

I’m really proud of everyone here too :’) Big group hug!


Wow, we’ve reached more than 1000 edits on the leaderboard! :confetti_ball: That’s good progress, everyone :grin: