Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

Since there is roughly 8800 Items on WaniKani over 60 levels, you “only” need to do 18.33 lessons every day. So if you can get yourself to do 19 or 20 items every day and use [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to always do your Radicals and Kanji as soon as they’re available, going at 8 days/level isn’t all that daunting.

If you want to increase your accuracy, you can use [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz to

  • quiz yourself after lessons to make sure you actually learned those items properly
  • quiz yourself on failed items with Self-Study Quiz and additional filters to get rid of those pesky items that you just can’t seem to get right

Theres some good advice here: Do you do anything special to remember new words? if you want to read up on what other people do to increase retention after lessons

P.S.: I love giving advice that people didnt ask for - Sorry!