Older lesson items showing up in new lesson

So to be fair, I only just got back on the wanikani bandwagon, but I’m trying to get through the backlog of new lessons I have (300 vocab, ouch!). However, I’m at level 22, and I’ve started my review of all the radicals already, but in some of the lessons I just completed, new radicals have shown up, like “coat rack” and “helicopter,” and searching for those in the list shows that those are level 9 radicals, AND I already have learned kanji with those radicals in them. I also noticed that a great deal of the vocab seems to be far below my level, like “ten days” or “next week.” Is it just because these are new vocab that’s been added since I’ve been away?

Yep, that’s correct. No matter what level you are, if new vocabulary is added to lower levels, it will be pushed into your queue.

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Yep, what @ichitaka said. @anon20839864 and the rest of the content team works hard to keep things humming along, and they add new items here and there. You can always look at the WaniKani Blog for the latest content updates. :slight_smile:

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