Oh no... not this again

that’s the most accurate thing I’ve heard


Mine are

しょく employment
しき weave
send help :slightly_smiling_face:

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織 is actually weave. Notice 糸
識 is actually discern. Notice 言. Can you discern what people 言?
I got nothing for 職. It’s the other one?


This is what physically writing each of them just once at each SRS interval looks like:


Weave is helpful thanks.
I have no idea what discern mean so.
As for employment it is not bad since i made me one.
you might want to 耳(we hear from out 耳) about your 職

未 - dirt jet? Not yet!
末 - the end of the samurai…

This is how I remember it. If you know your radicals it might help. I thought I would get tripped over it but it’s rarely been a problem for me. :slight_smile:

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