Oh no, I wrote my address incorrectly, my wanikani stickers are going to die

Hi you all! I’m new here, and please tell me if this topic should be here. I completed lever 2 and I was sent an email requesting my adres to receive some WaniKani stickers. Problem is, I only wrote my street address and country, but not the towns name nor the code. What should I do?

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Send them another email

Could also tag some people in case they’re online @CyrusS @TofuguKanae @koichi

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Thank you very much for your answer, I don’t know why I didn’t thought about that, I’m a bit lost hahaha. I’ll try sending an email :blush:

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Whaaaaaat? They send stickers when you reach lvl 2 now?

Yep. You can probably send them an email as well if you didn’t get any

Yeah, I was sended this email and actually I was really happy until I wrote my address incorrectly :sweat_smile: . Go and ask for your stickers as well. I reply or edit if when I get a reply.

I joined back in like 2014 so I doubt I can get some :'D

Nah, they’re cool, they’d probably hook you up


People have asked (and gotten them) at level 60, so you’re fine, the staff is nice about it c:


O really? I’ll have to ask sometime then lol

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@oldbonsai Since you’re online could you forward this internally to someone? Would be sad if you sent the stickers to the wrong address

I’m on it. :wink:

@OroHeart Did you already send us an email? I can go in and update your response to complete the address if you have.


I did already send an email, but not with the right address, only talking about the problem. Should I send the address now with another email? I’ll do that :yum:

Thanks, botman


Yeah, go ahead and email us again at hello@wanikani.com with the full address. Then I can find your partial on the mailing list and fill in the missing info. :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you the full address a moment ago. Again, thank you so much, you were all very helpful :sob:


WOT? I’ve never seen such email :sob:

We were keeping it a secret from you, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.



A lot of people don’t get the email for whatever reason. Just shoot us your mailing address (the physical kind) and we’ll send you something. :wink:




I’ve got a reply from the WaniKani’s team and now everything is in order, the gift will be arriving soon :kissing_smiling_eyes: Thanks for your help and see you in the forums!