Stickers and handwritten card from WaniKani

I recently received Level 3 stickers and a card from WaniKani. To my great surprise, the card was handwritten with my name on it! This little, personal touch makes all the difference. Thank you, WaniKani! :crocodile::crab::sparkling_heart:


Just arrived at my place (a small village in The Netherlands) too.


Especially the handwritten card and envelope are a very nice personal touch. So thank you, WaniKani Team!


Wow! That’s pretty cool. Does everyone get one?

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I believe so. At the end of Level 3, you should receive an email from WaniKani asking you to send your mailing address.


Goody! I can’t wait. Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you have to pay for shipping?

No! :slight_smile:

I got a different postcard and the kanji champion sticker was coloured. The artwork for my postcard is the one you see at the bottom of the dashboard. It’s a nice image but I would have preferred yours.

I only got mine recently so the message was about me being a third of the way through and to keep at it. Really appreciated the fact that they even looked up my level.


Lol, imagine the shipping costs from Portland, Oregon to a small village in the Netherlands! Now times that by the number of overseas (read: not in America) Wanikani users :laughing:

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I sent a postcard to Japan the other day and it cost me less than 1€/$1. I’m from Portugal by the way (16 to 20h flight to Japan). I guess it’s very much worth the possibility of people subscribing :stuck_out_tongue:


I never got one… :frowning: I’ve been here forever though, so… :woman_shrugging:

Sent them an email :slight_smile: I only asked for mine around lvl 10.

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