[Obsolete] WaniKani DotDotDot Expander (see last post for new thread)

Oh, I know that and out of curiosity I tried to do what BreadstickNinja said in post 9 in this thread but the script doesn’t work either way.

I’ve repaired it, and updated newly added items.

:point_right: [v2.0.0] - Fixed Takuya Kobayashi’s old script. Added new items for expansion.


Doing the Crabigator’s work, rfindley. Thank you!

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Thank you, you’re always amazing!

Strangely, this won’t work for me. I also have tried disabling all other scripts first. Is there some specific thing like settings I’ll have to do first? Other scripts worked fine for me though. I’m using Tampermonkey, if that is of any help. If there’s further information needed, I can provide that as well.

Thank you in advance,

Did you install the updated version from a few posts above?

i.e. here:

Oh I didn’t notice (facepalm)
That did it for me :slight_smile:
You might want to update the link in the start post so people won’t encounter the same problem as me :wink:

I would update the top-post, but it’s not my thread, nor originally my script. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, though, I do have the power to change thread titles, so I could mark it as deprecated and start a new thread. I think I’ll do that later tonight. (Time for dinner right now…)

The thread for the new version is here:

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@rfindley: Posting here to avoid polluting the new thread.

Thanks for supporting this script, but shouldn’t this have been done by WaniKani?

At first glance, this really seems like it ought to be a minor UI change (i.e., style only). However, to my surprise, it looks like the script manually lists the terms that are cut-off by WaniKani and replaces them with the full English phrase. It’s my opinion that this scripts like this should not need to exist. It’s not a very controversial change to have the full term show up desktop, and WaniKani can just use CSS style “text-overflow: ellipsis;” for smaller screens.

Manually inserting ellipses and then having users maintain a user-script to replace those ellipses with the full text seems very wrong to me. :frowning:

Just to keep this link as the last post in the thread…

Here’s the thread for the new version of the script:

Yeah, I think I’ve mentioned that somewhere above. I think CSS text-overflow: ellipsis wasn’t supported by all browsers until about the time WK was in development, and they simply haven’t done a lot of front-end changes over the years since. Or maybe they just weren’t aware of that CSS capability (I know I wasn’t until relatively recently).

I’m not sure how much the coming updates will cover, but I’d like to see the CSS ellipsis eventually. Maybe post about it in the new thread and tag viet and oldbonsai if you’d like.