Obligatory level 60 celebration thread

Finally! Took me 1 year and two months.


Congrats. That seems really fast, though. Been at it for a month and only got to lvl 5 so far. Got any tips?

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the last 10 or so levels are much shorter but it floods the timeline with reviews.
At your level I recommend to take it easy, do as many lessons as you can in a single sitting and study grammar.
Grammar is THE most important thing to study it is a bit difficult to understand but it doesn’t take much time.

Wow, a year and two months. That’s pretty crazy. How much time did you spend per day?

Usually lessons take me about 2 to 3 hours depending on the amount since I do it in a single sitting. In the last month I’ve spent 45 min a day doing lessons using the reorder script.
as for reviews, that’s much less quantifiable.


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For me, maybe next week. But I have 20 more levels.


How do you go about studying grammar? Are you good at it?

I think I do pretty well with basic grammar, I studied Tae Kim’s grammar guide and then reviewed it with an Anki deck I found. However, mastering grammar is a matter of reading a lot.

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