My Journey of [redacted] Days

I reached level 60 a couple of months ago, but since a lot of the level 60 senpai are creating guides on how to get to level 60, I thought I’d offer some advice to you newcomers on how to achieve the dream. This guide is very detailed so I must warn you in advance that it might take a bit of reading.


do your reviews


EDIT 1/16/19 I have added a guide to grammar in the comments below as a thanks for 50 likes. Consume at your own risk.


I’m sorry @jprspereira, but this guide is far more comprehensive.


Can confirm. I didnt do my reviews and the crabigator froze my account at level 59 and wouldnt let me get 60.


Yeah yeah, but what about lessons mate??


Congratz @Protonstorm <3


thank you for your testimonial, I will put it on the back of the box in the deluxe edition


oh yeah so I might not have given as much detail as some people want on this part, so I’ll offer some clarification on the subject of lessons:

doing them is probably a good idea

but only after reviews



sad reaccs only

Wait, I’m confused. Do I do them all while doing reviews, or after? Do I have to do those weird purple ones? They seem scary.

This is a good question. My guide is very long, so some you might have missed some of the details in the middle. Just for clarification:

do your reviews

It’s more about the journey than the destination.


It has come to my attention that if this post gets 4 more likes I get a forum badge thing. Is there anyone out there who will bite the bullet for their pal Protonstorm??

If this post gets to 50 likes I will include a second auxiliary guide for how to learn Japanese grammar at no extra cost.


I have contributed my like. I look forward to more words of wisdom


It is now 51. Where is my "second auxiliary guide for how to learn Japanese grammar "?


You waited, and I am pleased to announce that my guide to learning Japanese grammar is now complete. I want to warn everyone that grammar is a much more complex process than learning kanji. There are multiple steps in this process and if you don’t follow each one then I’m afraid the result might be disappointing. Therefore, make sure to follow these steps thoroughly (warning: this is quite a bit of reading so be prepared to set aside some time to read the whole thing):


Step 1: Learn the grammar
Step 2: Review the grammar
Step 3: Ask the grammar out on a date to get to know it better
Step 4: Propose to the grammar after a candlelit meal
Step 5: Buy a house and raise a family with the grammar
Step 6: Die happy knowing that you fully understood the grammar
Note: Depending on the grammar point, you might want to get a prenup. Some grammar points are more fickle than others.



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