Obligatory first burn post and Level 60 notes

So… some reality fun.

I’m at the point where I can predict readings, at least on’yomi. I’m reading all sorts of stuff without thinking about it. Grammar is still weak, but I can frame sentences ok. I’m associating words in English with word concepts in Japanese. I’m making mistakes on reviews because my brain is processing the kanji meaning and translating it into a previously learned translation. It’s so cool. I am actually internalizing some of this. My brain is very slightly thinking and processing in Japanese AND in kanji.

It is so cool.


A few notes on some things that have made life easier.

  1. Speaking German and being super comfy with formality and compound nouns.
    Ok, so compound nouns are a big part of it. Jukugo are basically my life in German. If we don’t have a word for that, we stick words together until we have a word for that. Most kanji combos are similar to compound nouns - take a few concepts and stuff them together to mean something else. Relatively transparent for me.
    The formality is similar. I am already used to choosing how formal I want to be and how sarcastic I want to be based on my choice of formality level. So Japanese is like that on next level. It is so extra that way. I love it!

  2. The more I focus on kanji, the better I get at it. I’m reading at a 2nd grade level with really good comprehension. This is like wow for me. Who knew this would make so much sense? I’m at the point where I’m listening to NHK (love their newscasts and the 7pm general news is hilarious) and starting to either “see” the kanji or sitting there wondering which word/kanji they mean. I’m parsing context better. It’s fun. I was driving the other day and translating on the fly in my head to some degree.

  3. Each step in the process opens more figurative doors. I face more challenges, but they are easier to understand. It reminds me of when verbs first clicked - at first, verbs were this hellscape of who knows what, now I can interact with endings better and know what is up. I have command of more endings, and can use them.

  4. Japanese is like RPN. I am fairly sure I have said this before, but particles make for post-fix sentence structure. Learn a new math technique, make Japanese grammer more useful and sensible. I already have all the HPs, you are now free to drive the prices up on ebay. :grin:

Anyway, random ideas for you all. I am at 4500+ burns today and thinking about how to restart effectively to reburn and reinforce. :muscle:


One more big batch under the bridge.


Uh oh. I leveled up.

Now, any fails just extend the time it takes to burn it all. There is no more buffer. I am doomed.



One more, it will unlock tonight. I have come to nearly the end.

This is weird.


Oh, well.