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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to ask a quick question and find out, what exactly does the number/color combination next to your profile image represent?

From what I can tell, the number represents what level you’re on and the color can either be white, blue, or purple (which maybe represents how far along the level you are?). It also seems all 60’s are gold, which is pretty awesome :durtle_noice: and that there are a few special cases out there too (I’ve seen a star and infinity symbol instead of a number and the color pink as well).

I was just hoping to get a better understanding of exactly what these combinations represent.


White is free/unsub
Blue is monthly/yearly sub
Mauve is lifetime
Yellow is awesome 60 tribe.

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The number is the level but it may lag the actual level because you need to log out and log back in to update this number after a level up.

The color are (almost) the subscription type:

  • White: free
  • Blue: yearly or monthly
  • Purple: lifetime
  • Gold: Level 60
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There’s also pink for staff members.


Hover to find out!


another category not mentioned yet:


I had no idea you could do that! (T_T)

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