Number of reviews

Is there anything that can be done about the number of reviews? I do mine throughout the day, but of course I can’t do them while I’m sleeping so I wake up to 90+ reviews in the mornings

You can slow down on lessons, space out reviews more etc.
If I woke up to 90+, I’d personally do 25-40 every hour or so to spread them out.
If you want to speed through WaniKani, then the answer is “no.” You’ve just gotta suck it up.
If you’re just looking for a healthy pace, there are lots of ways to spread things out :smiley:

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Do fewer lessons.

Seriously that is about the only way to cut down on the reviews. I found that felt I “Should” do at least 10-20 lessons a day, and I got swamped by the number of reviews that I stopped using WaniKani for a while and when I came back I reset back to level 1.

The other thing is how much time do you spend on the failed questions? If you just hit next and do not try to actively learn the error then you will just get them wrong again and you will build up a large number of short interval questions that you keep getting wrong. Every time you get one wrong spend a few moments trying to re-learn the mnemonic. Or if the mnemonic is not working for you try to come up with your own. It will take longer the first few times, but in the long run it should lead to less fails coming back to haunt you every single day.