Number of learned items wrong

@Viet is there any reason why the Level 18 page shows that I have learned all vocabs (124/124) although I have only learned around 100?

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It has now corrected itself to 100. Is the number updated periodically? I could not change it by refreshing the page.

@oldbonsai any response?

@CyrusS is everybody on vacation?

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Viet actually was on vacation! He’s back now, but he’s probably still catching up on other things and hasn’t had the chance to check the forums. Darin is around, but I don’t think he makes it to the forum every day, so he most likely also just hasn’t seen it yet.


Okay, no worries :grinning:

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Hopefully you’ve had a nice holiday, @viet! Welcome back! :tofugu: :crabigator:

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Which is also why dropping us all an email at is super helpful. Those emails get routed to us much more rapidly than mentions on the forums…

Anywho, I’m glancing at things right now. We haven’t changed any code or behavior around those counts in a long, long while, so I’m not sure why that would suddenly tell you a different number.

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Well, all those items are in review by now (nicely done), so the current data isn’t super relevant. That’s showing all 124 of those in reviews. I can see that around the time of your post, about 91 where in reviews, so, yeah, the progress bar should have reported that. :confused:

I’m not 100% why it didn’t give you the right number. Let us know if it comes up again and I’ll look at the info that’s being used to render that bar.

For the refresh, the bar is cached and on a short expiration duration (10 minutes). I’ll add a task to our list to update the caching scheme on there to be refreshed/busted when something gets scooted over to reviews instead of an arbitrary point in time.

I think what I did was to go to and when I did that I saw that I had done all vocab lessons of level 18, which is odd because I hadn’t done them all.

Then I went back to and saw that according to the counter, I had indeed done all vocab lessons of level 18. But some items still had striped background, which didn’t add up.

You were correct that about 10 or 15 minutes later, I went back to and the counter had corrected itself. So perhaps there’s nothing to be done here, people just have to wait a bit for the cache to clear itself.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this for level 19, but perhaps this will only happen when I have done like, 75% of level 19 vocabs? I don’t know. Will keep you posted when I find something odd.

That bar’s shared across a couple of the pages (since it’s the same info and all), so I’ll expand my search for the weirdness — maybe the info on the vocabulary index page is off and that would throw off the list on the level page.

Thanks for the extra info, and let me know if you see it happen again! Sorry for the confusion!

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Just leveled up to 20. Haven’t done all level 19 vocab lessons yet. Consequently have also not done any level 20 radicals/kanji/vocabs yet.

When I go to it says that 19 vocabs from level 20 (e.g. 留守番電話) are marked “new” and “active”. They have the red “新” icon and the purple background is solid. As I said, I haven’t done the 留守番電話 lesson yet.

Now when I immediately go to it shows that all level 20 vocabs have striped background. However, it also says that I have learned 19/113 vocabs.

Ten minutes later, I refresh and it says 0/113 vocabs learned.

It seems that the error comes from inconsistencies of when a vocab item is marked as “locked” or “active” between and

P.S. when I said that I hadn’t done the 留守番電話 vocab lesson yet, I kinda lied. I did that lesson months ago, before I reset to level 1. Perhaps that info could help too.

Thanks for the follow up — it narrows the problem down to … well, the problem!

There’s some inconsistency between the calculations for the progress bar between the radical/kanji/vocabulary listing pages and the level listing pages. @viet and I will take a look at it in the next couple days and get it ironed out, hopefully getting the bars to update more accurately, too.


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