Number of Critical Items at a Glance

I did take a look through and did not see this suggested, but it would be very useful to me if I could see how many critical items I have without actually having to go through the list and count them. Just a number in parenthesis beside the header Critical Items. This would allow me to know when to slow down the lessons and just work on what I already have.

There is this script, which shows you the number (the one to the right) of leeches you have in each category. I don’t know if the definition of critical items is the same, but it’s something.

Please define leeches. Online dictionaries are no help, so I’m not exactly sure what the term means in this context.

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A leech is an item which you’re having trouble with, it sticks around, eating your time and energy, like a real leech.


+1 for what @Kumirei said, @Shirono. I keep an eye on how many leeches I have (and then which ones they are, by drilling down to the list). See [Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress) - #78 by morpheme for more on the script and leeches.

I’ve been trying to install it but no luck so far… I’m running Windows10 and using Chrome. It’s more than what I was really looking for, so no worries, thanks for the suggestions though.

Do you have Tampermonkey installed? You need it first so it can apply the scripts to your browser.

Critical items and leeches are not the same thing. Critical items are marked when your accuracy percentages falls below a fixed percentage (I don’t know accurately what it is…maybe <75%?). This can happen if someone gets an item incorrect right after doing their lessons. People have commented before that their leeches tend to stay above the critical items cut but fail to get burned.

However I do think that using the script that @kumirei suggested would also help in the long run as that leeches are more subversive and harmful to one’s motivation.

No I didn’t. Now I do, all scripts working, thanks!


I found @hitechbunny’s script for showing leeches at each SRS level to be far more useful than the official critical items calculation. My critical items list is usually empty but I have more than one hundred leech items. I would rather know what I have to work on than be lulled into a false sense of security.

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