Not sure when to continue doing lessons cause I read you should keep Guru under 100 to avoid burnout

On level 2: got 14 Apprentice, 115 Guru, 9 Master, 6 Enlightened & 11 Burned with 55 lessons waiting to be done.

I read many times in this forum go keep Guru under 100 or things will get outta control in later levels. I stopped doing lessons yet my Guru levels keep going up :thinking:. I don’t want to burnout so how do I know when it’s okay to start up Lessons again?

Side question: does the durtles app have a way to go back just one question in Reviews to redo when you just inputted the wrong answer by typing too fast & pressing submit before noticing the mistake. Too many times my S pen or voice types the answer wrong though I knew the right one.

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Nah, many people say to keep Apprentice under 100, definitely not Guru. As you level up, it’s normal for your Guru counts to get over 400, or more.

Do you feel burnt out right now? If not, go do some lessons. If you’re worried about burning out, start small with 5 lessons a day.


There’s a thread for flaming durtles FYI, but yes you can enable an ignore button in the advanced settings.

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but i don’t want to ignore cause sometimes i could be genuinely wrong. want to way to re-input the last answer.

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Oh, ha. So keep Apprentice under 100. Got it.

I don’t feel burnout but I keep wondering when all the Guru stuff will move to the next level. If you are stuck in Guru for longer than how long means you should study more? Won’t there be too many reviews daily if I keep doing lessons? I don’t want more than 50 reviews per shift.

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Just do batches and space them apart so they don’t returnt to bite you

The delay items stay in Guru is determined by the SRS. Guru 1 is 1 week. Guru 2 is @ weeks.

This is an extremely low number. I don’t know whether this is realistic. Probably not but if it is achievable you need to target a much lower apprentice count than 100 to have a chance to achieve it. Something in the order of 40 or even 30.

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what is the longest amount of time a new Guru can stay in Guru? I presume forever if you get it wrong a certain number of times?

When you configure the button you select between ignore, undo and reshuffle, and undo and input… There are three special buttons you can configure


If you get a guru item wrong it falls back to apprentice. Guru 1 falls to apprentice 3 and guru 2 falls to apprentice 4. But if you keep failing guru items they never reach master if this is what you mean.

at level 3 what is fastest you can progress if you never make a mistake & do Reviews as soon as they show up?

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The world record is reported here, complete with stats.

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Note that since I did my run, levels 1 and 2 got 2 hours faster, so you can do each of the first levels in 3 days 2 hours now instead of 3 days 4 hours.

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is that record by using scripts or the standard wanikani settings? :thinking:

Yeah, I try to keep my apprentice below 100, but keeping guru below 100 will have you move at a glacially slow pace. Without errors, items will be in guru status for three weeks.

I basically exclusively used flaming durtles, which is an android app. I did use undo feature when I mistyped, it was “close enough,” and initially to get my kanji up to guru, but outside of that I let it fail.

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I don’t know but I suppose so. @MegaZeroX doesn’t report about their use of scripts in their top post.

Scripts don’t change the SRS intervals. There is no way for scripts to do so. In this sense scripts are immaterial to speed. But you need to do your radicals and kanji lessons before vocabulary so a reorder script for lessons is probably necessary to get top speed. The alternative is to do all lessons as soon as they are available. This implies you can stomach the huge review workload that ensues.

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slow like it will take 10 years to finish?

It depends on accuracy, and going this slow could actually hurt it since you tend to use radicals in the ensuing kanji and vocab and the kanji in the vocab which gets you extra practice with it.

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I looked at the Advanced Settings & normal Review Settings I see no way to just go back one in Reviews to retype one answer & continue on…i only see the option to redo the whole Review session again.