Question about self limiting lessons

I know there are no “rules” and this can get a bit nit-picky, but I’m wondering how other people keep their reviews manageable by limiting the number of lessons they do.

The advice I’ve seen here many times is to keep below 100 Apprentice and 500 Guru. Keeping under 100 Apprentice is pretty easy, if the number is 95 or less I can do another batch of lessons.

But is the same logic applied with Guru? If you have only 30 Apprentice items but 520 Guru items, do you just keep waiting for that Guru number to go below 500 before you introduce anything new? Even if Apprentice hits 0?


I rarely ever pay attention to my Guru count. Usually if you limit the Apprentice items the other stages won’t go too overboard if you don’t have hundreds of leeches. But if you do want to limit your Guru count, not doing lessons until you’re below a threshold is a way to do it, although it might take some time due to the Guru stage’s SRS intervals being quite high, which is why I usually don’t bother with it. Apprentice is by far the most influential stage.


I’d like to hear what someone else has to say because I’m also trying to figure this out, but generally if my Guru is 550+ I’ll completely stop new lessons until it drops. If it’s more the 520 range I’ll still do lessons but maybe less than I usually would.

The thing is that your apprentice items will turn to Guru’s. So if you have 500 Guru and 0 Apprentice, and then did 100 lessons, those 100 new Apprentice items will turn to Guru faster than 100 Guru turn to master (I mean generally depending on what your pace is) giving you over 500 Guru. You can definitely do new lessons, just do it at a sustainable pace.

The 100, 500 is just a guideline for you to keep an eye on so that you don’t do too many lessons that will later overwhelm you. Try and do a similar amount of lessons every day instead of doing all of them in one sitting so that your daily reviews are even.

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I place a stronger preference for making sure there is something coming in Apprentice.
The reason for this is Guru 1 and 2 are (1 week and 2 weeks respectively) that means there’s a chance you may have days with no lessons.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere but will state again here. Guru should only really be a concern if it’s causing a lot of things to drop back down to Apprentice. That’s normally a sign you got potential leeches building up that need some focus or you need to study certain kanji more.

Going to expand on this a bit: For Level 8 and 9 i’ve super slowed down.
A big part of this was because the Guru and Apprentice stacks were getting too high. I needed some time to shift some of them into Master.
My understanding though is that is fairly normal for that level though as lot of things are not yet in the higher tiers or burnt.

I dont pay attention to Guru items, only Apprentice. And I keep it under 120. If I have more than 120 Apprentice items I dont do new lessons until I get it down.
I tend to keep my lessons at up to 12 a day - unless it was mostly radicals, in which case I will do 18.
If I`m struggling with the new kanji or vocab, sometimes I will only do 6 lessons, or forego them altogether, regardless of the Apprentice item #s.

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Personally I never fill up to 100. I just do a set amount of lessons each day, and take a break if appr goes beyond 100, because that usually means I’ve been making a lot of mistakes lately.

I don’t particularly care about Guru count. Whenever you have Kanji/Vocab promoted to Guru, they take another 1 week to be reviewed again to be promoted to Guru 2, and they then take another 2 weeks to be reviewed again to be promoted to Master.

That’s more than enough time to do new lessons. I have 530 items in Guru right now and 120 items in Apprentice, but in the next six days I only have to do an average of 100 reviews per day- which isn’t bad really.

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I usually don’t pay attention to Guru count because items that have just come off Apprentice and items that are waiting to go into Master offset each other. I think I hover around 800 or so.


I pay attention to the numbers, but look more at the “forecast” than anything.

I usually did 7 day levels, and divided the items up so I did about same amount each day, and made sure to hit zero lessons every level.

Last levels can be done faster, but probably won’t (Heck, been 42 since May, just to work on leeches)
I will follow a basic rule of “No lessons unless Reviews = Zero”, and only when I feel I have the energy for a bigger load than current incoming.


I think it depends on how much time you are willing to put in [comfortably and w/o hating your life]. Also, how fast you are trying to level up.

So far, I have been doing all my new vocab, kanji and radical lessons as soon as I have them available. Once I hit level 5 yesterday morning, I did all of them. Then, I did ALL my reviews right before going to bed but I woke up to over 120 reviews to do at 5 am. I don’t seem to mind this so I will keep going.

I imagine I will put the breaks on if my daily reviews start nearing 600+. Currently doing about 300 per day and I feel like double that will be the most amount of time I’d fancy spending on Wani Kani, especially while having to deal with university as well.

Edit: these are my current levels. Note that I only recently started taking this seriously and subscribed and had a level 2-3 acc for a while beforehand.

Prior to my reset (ignore that pesky little 02 next to my name there), I really only paid attention to the apprentice count. Everyone has a different threshold, I liked mine just over 100, at like 110 or so. As long as you can still do all your reviews every day, and don’t feel like you don’t ever have time to do them, you’re in a good place.

Another thing to consider is how it works for you to level up. I do all the radicals at once when I get to a new level, then I was pushing to clear out the lessons completely once per level, and I knew how many I had to do per day to level up in 7-9 days, which I can do because I like to have a bunch of reviews.

Since the advice to limit new lessons is about how many reviews are produced from Apprentice and Guru items, you could treat Gurus per 100 the same as you do Apprentices per 10 (they generate roughly the same amount of reviews on average (105-10 is closer to the actual number)).
So any of the following combinations of App and Guru items yields more or less the same workload

Apprentice Guru
120 300
110 400
100 500
90 600
80 700

Trying to stick to 100-500 but Guru currently at 550? Just use 90-600 instead for the same review workload.


Brilliant! Thanks!

Very clever, this is exactly what I was looking for. ありがとう

I probably should have mentioned this in the original post, but I’m a recent resetter myself. I was around level 25 but was drowning in leeches and could never get my Apprentice number below 100. I’m so glad I reset, it’s become fun again and I know I will be in a much better position next time I hit the 20s.

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I reset after something like a year off. I couldn’t remember anything :sweat:

Same here, reset to 1 from 31 and a great experience for me the second time through, with almost straight seven day levels.

Well worth it!

I’m a fan of consistency. E.g. doing 20 lessons every day means you’ll have to (eventually) do roughly 200 reviews a day and will result in a speed of roughly 8 days/level (for the first 30 levels).
10 lessons/day means roughly 100 reviews a day and a speed of 16 days/level.

Pick smthg that doesnt sound too horrible and slow down lessons if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed c:

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