Not exactly a bug...but

So for some reason I keep getting 一千 wrong (I know, right!?) Anyways, I keep putting “ten thousand” instead of “one thousand” and instead of getting it wrong I get the “check your answer”. But I’d really rather get it wrong so I can make sure to learn it better. Since the two answers look so close to a computer it just thinks I’m a bad speller, but maybe this exact answer of “ten” should be excluded and marked wrong.

Just a suggestion and hopefully I will start to get it right since I wrote a topic about it haha! Thanks for everything.


This is a feature to help when you have a small typo, but as you noticed this sometimes results in actual wrong answers getting accepted. There are two scripts that will help with this (don’t use them at the same time).

[Userscript] Prevent "Your answer was a bit off" answers from being accepted a.k.a. "Close But No Cigar"

This script will cause the input box to shake if your answer is “close enough” instead of accepting it.

[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

This script allows you to mark your answers right or wrong for situations like this. It also has the “close but no cigar” script built in as an optional setting.


Thanks! Good to know!

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