Noises, and how to write 'em

This is a thread for onomatopoeia, animal noises, and suchlike. There are a few that I know, and a lot I’d like to know!

Here are some of the ones I know:
A cat goes にゃあ
A dog goes わん
Electricity goes ビリビリ
When you thump something, it goes ドン
I’ve seen シャー used for the sound of heavy rain, too

Here are some I’d like to know:
What noise does a cow make? (moo)
What noise does a car or engine make? (broom broom)
What noise does a sheep make? (baa)
What noise does my alarm clock make? (beep beep)

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「ブルルン ブルルン、プロペラが まわる。」


Little kids’ books are a great source for various onomatopoeia. You can even read a bunch for free online (see this thread).


こんこん is an interesting choice for fox noise… Most of the foxes I hear make horrible, human-sounding screams. Like “raaagh” or something.


It finally makes sense why gorons in zelda are named GOROns and why they often end their sentences with ‘goro’. ゴロゴロ is the onomatopoeia for rocks sliding down a hill! That’s neat.


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