No reviews for me! why?

why is it everytime I nearly finish with a level and ready to level up, I get no reviews of kanji, only words and very few?
the last few kanji that I need to level up take couple of days to show up, annoying

Because those “last few kanjis” unlocked after Guru’ing the new Radicals of this level, thus show up and get completed later than the first slew of Kanjis of a level.

Natural order of things:

level 10 radicals => level 10 kanji => level up to 11 => level 10 vocab => level 11 radicals (…)

Notice that this vocab unlocked is not from your current level, but from the previous one. The kanji unlocked it. The point here is that this vocab will reinforce the kanji, so it must follow it before WK throws you with new radicals and kanji.

However, there’s a way around it: the reorder script. With it, you can order items by type (radicals, kanji, vocab) and level.

If you’re not in a hurry to level up (people that level up every 7 days), I’d advise to just follow WK’s order.

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Check out the FAQ and Guide

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