Kanji and radicals first

I noticed since today (or maybe yesterday) when I’m doing reviews, kanji and radicals pop up first, then vocabs. In effect, this is like installing the reorder userscript and tipping the scale to radical + kanji, only more randomized.

Is this change permanent? If yes, I salute you WK! Very convenient because I can now prioritize kanji without installing any user script.

I leveled up today and they weren’t ordered. Maybe a happy coincidence?

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It’s possible, but it must have been a very very happy coincidence. I have experienced this 3 or 4 times today. Always radicals and kanji first, leaving vocabs at the end.

It is the one reason I stopped doing reviews on my phone (I still do lessons though). That would be awesome if they did do some jigging around

I have noticed the same recently on more than one occasion. Maybe in the last week or so? It’s not an exact fit. So yes.

Put me in the ‘I think they tweaked it’ camp! Also very very happy about it when it happens.

For ref, I use the website from my phone.

I have been doing reviews both on my phone and on my laptop. This happened every time, at least today.

I’ve actually had it happen a couple of times where the radicals or a majority of the kanji came at the end of my reviews :sweat:

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I’ve seen items group together, but I just had the opposite happen. My apprentice radicals came at the very end of my 40 reviews. I had just finished another group of 40 before these showed up and saw another peculiar grouping of radicals from the previous level. It seems statistically unlikely to have occurred without some change in the code.

It could be that this is only affecting a fraction of users, just like the recent “items won’t move out of lessons pile” bug only affected people who had activated/deactivated vacation mode recently.

Or it could also be an unintended effect of the API tinkering.

I do however hope that this is an intended change and will stay; this definitely makes WK better.

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Only for people who happen to get the radicals first… I’d rather them just let us configure it. Many script features should be officially supported WK features, including some aspect of reorder or level-up-critical item prioritization.

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I’m guessing that if you want to configure it, the reorder userscript still works. That has more detailed reordering, such as by level.

That’s true, but I don’t want to have to use reorder for my reviews (and I can’t on my phone). The reviews being random is better than this unconfigurable grouping that is happening now. My new kanji just showed up at the end again in their first review, and it’s very frustrating.

Same thing happened to me today. Things are weird, not sure what’s going on.

Same thing as in vocabs last or vocabs first?

All kanji first, without a script or anything

Yup, just experienced that again.

The more this goes on, and especially without any announcement from Viet, I’m afraid this is unintentional or what they would probably call “a bug”.

I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts hahahah

Oh BTW I also experienced another weirdness that may or may not be related:

Sometimes when I’m doing quiz after lessons, WK will ask me the meaning of a kanji, but when I type in the romaji, it gets converted automatically to hiragana. Then whatever I type in will get a shake and I’m stuck there until I close the tab and repeat the lessons.

Just as mnemonics and the spaced repetition system are core learning technologies, interleaving [1, 2] is a core philosophy that WaniKani uses to teach you. I very highly doubt that this is an intended change.

  1. Memorize More Japanese by "Interleaving" - YouTube
  2. "Interleaving" To Memorize More Japanese

I’ve experienced this. Not so complete, though. Instead of getting all kanji followed by vocab, I got them in big blocks. Like 20 kanji, followed by 30/40 vocab, followed by 10 or so kanji. At first I just thought it was random, but it happened more than once.

What I’ve seen is that the blocks of items that come up for review tend to stay together more than they used to I guess. So, if say I get 20 items for review at 11:00, then 45 at 13:00 and another 30 at 13:45. Then if I’m doing reviews later these groups of 20, 45 and 30 items would stick together (more or less). I suppose this could lead to both of the phenomena that have been described here.

A month or two ago they changed the SRS formula such that the first thing the system does to calculate when an item’s next review is, is to round the current hour back to the top of the hour.

So every review you do from 12:00 to 12:59 will have its SRS formula applied to 12:00. Rather than in the old 15 minute increments.

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