Items that needs to be burnt

So I am currently level 19

My apprentice is at around 50 while lessons are still hovering around 100 (God help me).

Even in this low-ish apprentice level I still get around 100-120 reviews per day now mostly because of the items that must be burnt is coming up. This sort of leaves me in a conundrum, I do want to finish all my lessons before getting to level 20 but on the other hand the constant barrage of reviews are killing me. Just now I had to do 140 reviews in one sitting.

Does anyone know that from now onwards there will be constant barrages of burn coming because I rushed the earlier levels

I think your best bet, is to take it really easy on the lessons. What I did in the past was blast through lessons, and it wrecked me. Just do like 5 lessons a day so that in the future you don’t have so many reviews.

until you are routinely burning items, it is hard to get a handle on “how much”. Once you get to that stage though, and maybe after being in it for a little while, things start to level out a bit. Just try to aim for having a reasonable number of reviews each day and you will tend to stay in that zone.

I totally get it though, for the past few levels I feel like I either have to run the kanji to be able to get lessons out of the way or I will just have to take a few extra days to go through the backlog of vocab words that pop up. I have considered the plugin that does a few kanji + a few vocab… Haven’t used it, but I feel like that would be potentially the most helpful for memorizing kanji too? /shrug.

If you rushed the earlier levels, then, yes, until you’ve gone through all of those enlightened reviews from that time, you will be getting a bit of a barrage. The good news is that if you stay steady with it now and take lessons at a much slower pace, eventually when those burn reviews come up, you’ll have much less to deal with each day. But you will have to survive the consequences of your past choices coming back to bite you in the meantime :sweat_smile:.

If 120-140 reviews in one day is too much for you, I’d recommend going at a pretty slow pace. That’s about my standard daily workload, and I do 10-12 lessons a day (which lets me level up about two weeks per level). So you’ll want to do fewer daily lessons than me if you want a smaller review workload than that.

Yeah like @gricola mentioned things will ease up a bit soon and get to a normal point, but for now I’d say just stop doing your lessons completely, do your reviews until that daily amount of reviews matches your apprentice count. When you’re feeling comfortable start your lessons as a comfortable and manageable amount that aligns with your goals, maybe 5-10 a day? If you consider 100 to be something you don’t want to deal with in a day then you need to make sure you don’t do too many lessons. That being said, what are your goals? If you have no particular reason to speed through WK then taking it slow and at your own pace is best for you.

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