[No Longer Working] WaniKani Lesson User Synonyms

adds User Synonyms to the lesson page.
adds User Synonyms and Notes to unlearned item pages.

Because User Synonyms and Notes cannot be read from the WK server until lesson quiz completion anything input with this script is stored in local browser storage. This means of course that it only works if you use a single browser for WK. It is intended for use on items for which you will complete the lesson quiz relatively soon. For items in the next few levels anyway.
It should clean up after itself, but in case it loses track of anything data is set to auto-expire from local storage after 180-days of no viewing.

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Perfection! Works like a charm!! Thanks so very much!! Works in both Aviator (Chromium-based) and Firefox.

So if I understand, as long as one completes the lesson quiz during the browsing session in which they add the synonyms/notes, the script will automatically pass those synonyms and notes to the WK server-side storage and they will then exist as synonyms at any later date on any browser?

User Synonyms and Notes are passed to the WK server immediately upon creation. But the WK server will not tell you what you just sent it until you complete the lesson quiz. It is write-only. The WK quiz page already did this for Notes. The WK server allows User Synonyms to be handled similarly. (Notes entered without this script on the lessons page expire/desync from the browser after 2-hours.)

You should be able to restart your browser. As long as it doesn't crash real bad and somehow corrupt or lose its html5 local storage data. Local data is only deleted after 180-days of no-viewing or upon lesson quiz completion.

The issue that much of this script handles is making the browser remember User Synonyms and Notes until you complete the lesson quiz. Even if you complete the lesson on another browser/device WK will still remember any User Synonyms or Notes you entered, but of course you won't be able to see them on any other browser/device until you complete the lesson quiz.

Yes. After quiz completion the User Synonyms and Notes will be visible on any browser.

This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite a while. Thanks for making this! 'Tis much appreciated.

Excellent. :slight_smile:

This an awesome addition to my lessons, thank you so much for thinking about this. :3


I’d really like this to work because I currently keep notes on locked items in somewhat related unlocked page notes. Unfortunately I keep getting “Error adding note. Retry?” Using Firefox.

Not sure if this script is still being maintained (doesn’t look like it but o well, I don’t know where else to post it), but since two days or so, the synonyms that I’ve added during lessons somehow disappear again?

For instance I learn the word 保護する, then I add my synonym to it right then and there.
When I’m being asked about the items I’ve just learned the synonym is still there. But as soon as it shows up in my review queue the synonym is no longer there and I have to add it a second time…?

I’ve just had the same problem. Seems like this might not be being maintained anymore, which is a shame cause it’s super useful.

By the way, has anyone ever discovered any reason this is not a part of the regular experience? Especially given the pointlessly frustrating way you’re forced to add synonyms during reviews.

No clue, it could be so you’re not cheating and actually learn/write out the meaning they give you before you can continue?
Which would make sense but still, I like to add synonyms beforehand because words from my native language are usually easier to remember. :confused:

Adding your native language synonyms is totally legitimate, I think. As is adding English synonyms since there are a lot of items where WK’s lack of synonyms is frankly ridiculous.

Personally, I add the romaji for items I already know well or which don’t need an English translation. Eg. お疲れ様、玄関 etc


For the last two or three weeks the script has not been working anymore. I can still enter synonyms during lessons but once I get out of lessons after the quiz, they are gone.
Is anyone here having the same problem?

Just noticed today people have been posting about this…
Did some testing and yes it seems broken.
Some of the server-side behavior it relied on is now gone.

Trying to set notes or synonyms on still locked items now gives a 404-error.
So WK is rejecting them.

Unlocked but still unlearned items seem possible to set…
The server takes both notes and synonyms with no error.
But upon lesson completion, the synonyms seem to be erased.
I am able to read-back synonyms on unlearned items using the API-V2, so they are being saved by the server…

The script could perhaps be changed to submit synonyms to the server after lesson completion, rather than immediately after entering them.

I agree the functionality this script provided should be a stock feature…
I can’t really see why we shouldn’t be able to add notes and synonyms for any item unlearned or even still locked.

Ran across this thread:

Previously it was possible to submit synonyms for unlearned items during lessons and have them retained after lesson completion.
It now appears that such synonyms are being erased upon lesson completion.
Is there any possibility of restoring the previous behavior?

Reading the API-V2 ‘study_materials’ data for an item immediately before lesson completion it shows the added synonyms.
Reading again just after lesson completion shows they are all gone.


Normally we do not make accommodations who make creative use of internal endpoints or work around our code. It is exposed for our use only. We can’t stop people from poking around, but it is to be used at your own risk.

Having said that, it is weird the synonyms are being wiped out after lesson completion since this is going against what we expect to happen (basically it should not happen). I don’t know how the userscript works, nor will I spend the time debugging something we didn’t write up. But the fact the synonyms are supposably being wiped at lesson completion when we believe it shouldn’t we will look into. Going to try and replicate the issue on our end and go from there.

During your tests did you add notes?

EDIT: We found the issue. Hotfixing it now.

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Yes. Both meaning and reading notes seemed to always be preserved.

Thank you.

Update will be live in three minutes.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Just tested this out on a new bunch of lessons and…it worked fine!

Thanks a lot @viet . I understand it’s not your problem whatsoever if there’s an issue with userscripts so it’s really nice of you to help out on this one. Cheers!