[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

Was trying the new option out for my reviews today. It’s alright, I might use it, but it does feel a bit weird that the colour of the characters change.

Lessons are a bit wonky, though. There are a lot of colours when you’re learning, but I think that’s in both versions.

and something is wrong with the review part as well. Didn’t think to check whether this also happened with the colourful version. Only happened once.
With the userstyle


Also the “Add Synonym” text is a bit hard to read. I think this is a script, though? so you’re not really responsible for that.

And one last thing. In lessons this is a bit hard to read as well

Where do I find the dropdown option? I guess I prefer the colored background over the colored kanji. :slight_smile:

Oh, never mind, I found it! On the userstyles page.

it’s on the userstyles page underneath the color selection

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Thank you! I think I found it right before you posted, but that might be handy for anyone else wondering.

Those issues should be fixed now, looked fine during my quick tests at least.

As for the synonyms.
It looks like they don’t show up during lessons by default, so it might indeed be an user script.
What script is that exactly? It looks useful. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I figured it might be a userscript. I assume it’s this one?

Should be fixed.
Thanks for the script link, I’m sure it will become useful sooner or later.

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Please, fix the typo in the topic title. I have spent quite some time searching WaniKani Breeze and wondering if I’m dumb or something.

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Whoops, didn’t even notice that :sweat_smile:


Hehe, yeah at first I just thought it was indeed a “Beeze”, and by the time I saw it written as Breeze, I forgot about the typo on this title.

@valeth And thanks again for your theme, loving it! And for letting us choose our variant!

Not sure which userscripts these are but it seems you’re setting the background and the text both to white here?

Looks like the “Phonetic-Semantic Composition” userscript.

I’m using it as well, but it’s looking fine on my end.

Is this on the lessons page?

It was during a review, but it seems to affect the native(?) hint box as well.

I think I see where the issue is, the blockquote element of the original application is still being used.

I can’t see any hint boxes if I open the item info during review though, maybe that’s enabled by some user script?.
(The item I checked was 特, which has hints on the item info page)

Awesome! Is it possible to make it available for the forums as well?

They aren’t native? Damn, I don’t even know what’s real and what’s userscript anymore

edit: oh, I’m stupid. Apparently it must have been in lessons, because I don’t see it in review either

This is definitely the best WaniKani userstyle out there.

Some feedback: the words “Reading” and “Meaning” glow a bit bright in contrast to the dark background, distracting attention to the kanji. Perhaps changing the color or brightness of the phrase would help.

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This is a userstyle and I really like it. I installed it on Chrome and it works great but for some reason, on Safari (I am using a Mac) it doesn’t show up and doesn’t work. Anyone know why?

I only support Chrome/Chromium and Firefox with this style.

I can’t support browsers that I can’t test with, sorry.

Just pushed a new update.

This will probably fix as many things as it will break again.

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