Nintendo Switch games in Japanese?

I have tried switching my region/language over from English to Japanese on my Switch and can see it converts the langauge of a fair few of my games and I want to switch my eShop region over to Japanese so I can buy a game for my first full Japanese playthrough (Buddy Mission BOND, furigana/press to continue/voice acting/text log with replayable audio) but I have £42 credit left to spend which I will lose if I change region.

I wanted to get one of the below games with my money but I want to make sure they are playable in Japanese if I buy them on the UK eShop, does anyone know if they will be, or how I can even check?

If not, can anyone suggest any good games that do convert to Japanese when changing system settings only please?

I’m looking for press to continue and either voice acting and/or furigana.

I already have a lot of games but I’m looking for the easiest first game to ease me in really.


Check the Nintendo website, the supported languages are listed.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 does support Japanese, Famicom Detective Club afaik doesn’t. No idea about the rest.


Besides the e-shop, the languages are also listed on the website that you linked to


It’s weird because Famicom Detective Club is a collection and on this website it says ‘Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir’ is in Japanese and the other game ‘Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind’ just doesn’t have any languages listed. So I would assume it is, but it’s spending £50 to find out…

In Europe they’re only sold as a bundle on the eshop and it says on the website “English” as only language.

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:cry: thank you, I can see it is available on the Japanese eShop so I may just purchase it after switching region.

Ahh yes, I have just noticed I can filter my wishlist by language as well thanks.

I didn’t think it listed this as every game I looked at didn’t seem to have Japanese as an option, but they do have them listed on some.


Create a new profile with a Japanese region. You don’t need to change the region of your current profile. I have both a USA profile(main profile and has NSO online) and a japan profile(only to buy Japan e shop games).


I have DQB2 on Switch. Languages are listed in the Nintendo eShop application under details. It supports English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. No Japanese option.

Changing language to Japanese does nothing.

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I would suggest doing what @Wp2151 says. Getting another account for the Japan region.

If nothing else, because I’m not sure what happens with your already bought games when you switch region on your account. And I wouldn’t want to risk losing a game/many games. You are free to have a different profile on your switch linked to another eshop/nintendo account, so that is a much better option.


Agreed with @Wp2151 and @MissDagger, I have a USA account and a Japan account on the same Switch. You can buy gift cards for the Japan account on play-asia, if you don’t have a Japanese credit card, since - at least for me - they don’t accept USA-based cards. I even tried opening a Paypal account under my “Japanese” email address but it didn’t work since my bank is still based in the US, lol.