Nihongo no Mori classes?

Hi everyone, I have known about the Nihongo no Mori youtube channel for a while, but I recently found out about their classes (which seem to mostly be a comprehensive set of videos?) Also it seems they offer some Zoom classes to current subscribers, but it’s kind of confusing how you actually register for those. Have you used Nihongo no Mori’s paid classes (the videos) or the Zoom classes and do you think it’s worth the price? I’m taking N2 in July and pretty confident I will pass, so I’m starting to look ahead and think about N1 resources.

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I haven’t used their paid channel yet, but they have a website at where you can subscribe, I think (the button labeled 登録 in the top right corner).

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When you want to register on the site there are different subscribe options 1500 円 a month for the videos and books and I think another option 6000円 or something like that for the zoom classes.

I’m using the N1 videos and think they are pretty useful okay the
美味しい漢字 ones are not that useful if you are already doing wanikani. Some of the videos are interactive you will get the chance to answer the questions first before they show you the correct answer. The JLPT preparation books you can download are also super helpful and are over 500 pages long.

Right know I try to learn all the 4000 essential JLPT N1 words from their book using a SRS.


I see! Thank you for your reply!

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