Nihongo no Mori JLPT Mock Exam - extended to July 8

Hey all! So I know it’s been a huge bummer that the JLPT has been cancelled but I thought I’d let everyone know that 日本語の森 in conjunction with their Vietnamese counterpart DungMori have set up a mock JLPT exam.

It starts on July 5 at 11 AM JST
Due to technical errors, they have extended the deadline to be any time up until July 8, 2 PM JST

It also requires you to sign up for free with their website here: (The site is in Vietnamese but it’s usable with Google Translate. The video below also gives Japanese translations)
You can choose to sign up with the site directly (*which requires a phone number) or via Google or Facebook (which does not).

*The sign up process doesn’t confirm your number so you can use a fake number if you feel uncomfortable using your own. This may differ if you access the test via the Dungmori phone app instead of in a browser.

They’ve made a video (in Japanese) about how to sign up here:

The tests are broken up into levels N5-N1 just like the actual JLPT. It’s been hard to keep up motivation during these times, but hopefully this can give us a little something to work towards and check our progress.

NOTE: Do NOT apply Google translate to the test page itself. This may scramble the test script and make it unreadable


Oh nice! Nihongo no Mori are so nice, I love their YouTube content.

Maybe will try N2 mock test, although I’m prepping for December.

Thanks for sharing!


This is so cool! I’m not going to take it (I’m 100% sure I’ll fail N3 due to my lack of listening comprehension), but I still find the idea neat!


Live videos they’re doing lately are super helpful! Yuka sensei super cute and speaks really nicely. I’m able to do listening and grammar/kanji practice at the same time thanks to them.


@TrinityBringer I’m planning to take the N2 pretty well expecting to fail but doing it anyways just for the practice y’know? It’s kinda nice going into a test knowing I can fail it with zero consequences for once :sweat_smile: No harm in giving it a shot!

@boromeron Yess, I love their livestreams! Yuka’s Japanese is so easy to understand. She’s an excellent teacher.


Haha, I remember in one of the streams she said her speaking style during streams is far from how she speaks in real life. More like how she’d speak to a dog :rofl:


But yeah I know, my comprehension rockets compared to regular speech.


In the video she enters just zeros for the phone number so I guess it’s not that important^^ So if someone doesn’t have google or facebook, they don’t need to enter it /o/

Still considering waking up at 5 am :joy:


That is so cool! Originally signed up for the JLPT N5 but now I’m going to try N4 and see if I might already be able to pass that one :slight_smile: I’m excited!


Aw, dang! I never asked for the day off, so I’ll be at wotk perfectly the whole time! xD:
Good luck everyone who is taking it!!


Oh, that’s good to know! Thanks for pointing that out!

Shhhh, she’s one of the few people I can listen to in Japanese for hours at a time without my brain melting xD


Since it’s free I’ll give it a go. I don’t know whether to go play with the big boys at N3 or set my sights a little lower and do N4.

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Awesome! Definitely going to try this out. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Usually I would do one of the practice exams in lieu of the real thing but I’ve already done both available and also I really hate taking them. This should be a better experience hopefully!


Sounds nice! I want to try N1, but being up from 4am while on holiday might be a bad idea. I’m supposed to be relaxing, dammit!


Yesterday, @saibaneko (and I think someone else) signed up and could just take the N5 right away. So if you just set up your own timer, I think you can take it whenever suits you. ^^


Yes, I’m thinking of doing that, too.


“S-s-someone else?”

@Omun… (_ _|||)


I wonder how they created the mock test. Seems like it would be quite a huge work and also the JLPT is famously very opaque, there is so few official material out there to get an idea how a new test should look…

I signed up as shown in the video - also with 000 phone number - then I used the address shown on the screen: Thi thử JLPT online - Dungmori because there was nowhere clickable that took me to the right page. From there, you can take N5 and N4 anytime you want for the next couple days.

Just make sure to us this thi-thu if you find that you can’t get to the page with a click.

Good luck!


ご、ごめん! :sweat_smile:

I was so tired yesterday, and too lazy to look it up this morning. I decided to stick with “someone else” rather than name-drop the wrong person altogether.

I wouldn’t forget about everyone’s favourite ministeck pancakes! :sob: