Newspaper editorials (a list)

Checked one of those newspaper kanji frequency lists and looking to flex your muscles? Have fun.

These are direct links to the editorial/opinion/column section of these newspapers.

Papers with a circulation of more than 1,000,000 are bolded.

Asahi Shinbun
Chiba Nippou
Chuugoku Shinbun
Chuunichi Shinbun
Hokkaido Shinbun
Kahoku Shinbun
Kanagawa Shinbun
Kobe Shinbun
Kyoto Shinbun
Mainichi Shinbun
Nikkei Keizai Shinbun
Nishinippon Shinbun
Osaka Nichinichi Shinbun
Sankei Shinbun
Seikyo Shinbun
Yomiuri Shinbun


Thanks for compiling this!

Got any favourites?

I’ve only recently started trying to read editorials, so I can’t say a favorite has solidified yet. When I realized my list of bookmarks was getting long, I thought it might make sense to just make this page and bookmark it myself.

Well, I don’t believe my level is here yet. I’m still at NHK News Easy level…
So I can wait for your opinions. : D

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