New Yotsuba!

I know a lot of people here read Yotsuba, so just a quick heads up that a new one (Volume 14) has just been released! Think I’ve read every one at least twice so it’s pretty exciting to get a new one - especially since they’ve slowed to about one volume every two or three years.


Yeah, I saw it last time I was in Kinokuniya here. Very nearly bought it, but I already had a big enough stack of books…

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Everyone speaks so fondly of these books but for some bizarre reason they are not available in ebook form and I don’t have room for physical books anymore.
The publisher should put them on Kindle already.

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I actually saw it this week at the other not-as-good-Kinokuniya and it’s funny that it was the only Japanese manga being advertised in English with a whole display.

@veleskola Japan isn’t particularly on the forefront of eBook technology.


Well I wouldn’t say my home country is either. But I follow a lot of Japanese artists on Twitter who do mangas, light novels and front cover art for regular books and 95% of the time they come out with a digital version. I also explore many ebook services and there’s so much content on there I just don’t get random series like Yotsubato and one of the few not on there.
I can’t think of why. It can’t be a cultural issue.

But there’s a lot of content out there. I’d say no more than a third of Manga get eBook versions, and I’m not counting Dojinshi. That’s why Mangamura was so popular.

That’s cool!

(I still haven’t finished volume 1 yet…)

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