Yotsuba & the Legitimate Japanese eBook Purchase?

I’d like to go through the whole series. I’ve read through some of the early chapters from when I bought the physical books back in the day, but I’m not sure where I can buy it digitally in Japanese. It doesn’t seem to be available through the usual channels, and I know a lot of Japanese comics aren’t available digitally for whatever reason, but I was wondering if anyone could direct me to it if it is available for purchase.

Check the Buying Books section here:


I think I heard Yotsuba is famous for not having an official ebook version, but this info may be outdated.


There’s an English ebook version, but I haven’t found a Japanese one.

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Thanks, I hadn’t even known about the category until I was required to choose one for my post.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of those resources has Yotsuba digitally. That’s really disappointing.

Yotsuba is a weird one because they have select chapters available to view online, yet there’s no way to buy the volumes digitally (in Japanese).

You can buy some chapters digitally…if you buy the digital Dengeki volumes they’re included in: (Note that some chapters are split across months.)

Date Chapter
2019-05 よつばといし
2019-06 よつばといし
2019-09 よつばとしけんべんきょう
2019-10 よつばとしけんべんきょう
2020-03 よつばとえのぐ
2020-04 よつばとえのぐ
2020-10 よつばとほん
2020-11 よつばとランドセル
2021-02 よつばとランドセル

Thank you! This is a nice option.