New to Tofugu and WaniKani

Oh, another thing! You might like to read some members’ level 60 celebratory posts. Here are a couple that I found particularly useful: this one and this one.

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Also this one


still level one?! what a shame - I hope that all the serious Japanese learning stuff didn’t freak you out :smiley:

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NO! Lol. I just want to finish Katakana before I start WaniKani officially. Work schedule has been slowing me down a tad. I should hopefully be starting WaniKani officially by Saturday! SO excited! :smiley:


:angry: ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


I made it to level two day and then was like AH!!! 70 LESSONS D:

I’ve found that they don’t always give mnemonics for certain Kanji that are verbs, but only give mnemonics for the READINGS, which is a little frustrating. Do they keep that up, or do they eventually add some more mnemonics for the meanings of vocab later?

well, in general they won’t give new mnemonics for items they already gave mnemonics before. Here is some examples:

  • radical has same meaning as a kanji > the “mnemonic” is something like this kanji is same as the radical… / this radical is same as the kanji… (<= late you’ll sometimes learn the kanji first before it is introduced as a radical as well)
  • the kanji was introduced with same meaning as a vocab item > the “mnemonic” is something like *this kanji’s meaning is X so this word means X~…
  • the reading is same as reading introduced with the kanji > the “mnemonic” is something like this words reading is the same as the kanji’s reading so you should already know it…

So if they introduce a kanji with the meaning “move” and then the vocal item “to move”… it kind of is same same, I guess. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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