New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Are you wearing a sexy suit?

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It’s probably better to confine our crazy to the campfire. Don’t wanna scare the new recruits.


It cannot be contained.


Me trying to contain the spill from Campfire


I was suggested WaniKani recently and started using it.
I also use Memrise, LingoDeer and DuoLingo (I kinda don’t like this one)

I’m hoping WaniKani will help me learn kanji? :sweat_smile:

Of course! That is what WaniKani is specifically made for!

Leebo (who just reset from level 60) introduced the Iverson Method which will greatly help your kanji studies.

If you want to explore other learning materials, be sure to check out the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List.

Good luck! :sparkles:

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… Durtjovah? I’ve never heard of him.

Only the Allicrab and the Great Grabigator.

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I wonder if this should be added here
I was kinda sad seeing it abandoned when the ones who created it went from pleasant to painful…
(I’m not sure about the level you should be in to be able to see it though)

It’s probably worth posting here, but since the topic itself is in the pleasant forum, only those level 10 and under are able to access it.

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I’ll see if I’m able to edit it in, then.

Opps, I don’t think I can edit…
That’s what I wanted to add
You’ll find many useful links and advices here
Don’t know what Pleasants is? Feeling a bit intimidated by all those double digits and golden 60’s?

Or a variation of it…

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Oh, nice to see Hellos To The Pleasants is still relevant! Alexbeldan and I made that!


So you’re saying you and @alexbeldan can bend time?!


Haha wth?!

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Hello, I’m only on my third lesson or something, and I made the mistake of ‘hmm… wonder what this button does’. It showed me the hiragana chart, but now it won’t let me type with the Roman alphabet - it keeps transliterating it into hiragana and I can’t turn it off. :frowning: I’ve tried hitting ALL the other buttons… :wink: (You’d think I’d learn) Help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

It only does that, at least it’s only supposed to do that, when it’s asking for the reading (i.e. pronunciation) of the kanji. If it does this when it’s asking for the meaning then a refresh should solve it.

Thank you!!! I was being a numpty. The first time I hit that button just happened to coincide with the first time they asked me for a reading, and I never noticed. Must pay more attention in lessons :blush::bowing_woman:


Ohhh… @Kumirei, I feel so old and irrelevant now.

You may be old, but you’re not @irrelephant



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