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hi, how long does it take to reach level 20, bearing in mind that I try to practice every day.

Every level takes a little less than 7 days assuming you do your radicals and kanji at the exact time intervals (4h, 8h, 12h, etc.) and you always get them right. It’s easier to assume 7 days / level so 20 x 7 days.


It took me sixteen months IIRC.

YMMV — Dave

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Took me a bit over a year, but that was with burning out and only leveling up once between July and December. Started leveling up again in January:)

My heatmaps look like this:

I am finishing up with level 20 right now, and I am roughly 10 months in at this point. Obviously your speed heavily depends on the amount of time you put in each day, and I would say I am a bit slower than average. That might be a bit of survivor bias though, as I can only compare with other people who post on the forum and those tend to be the better performing ones. For me the seven days per level, or even 14 days per level is a bit too fast to maintain long term.


It’s more to do with how many times of day you do WK. For example. To progress items the fastest, doing lessons in the morning will allow you go get them to apprentice 3 within the day, if you do reviews multiple times. If you just do WK once a day, that momentum is lost.

That’s not all that affects leveling speed. But knowing the SRS-intervals is key.

The other limit is how fast you get the second batch of kanji. For that you need to guru all radicals of the level. So, make sure you do your lessons and stay on top of reviewing. That’s all really.

If you learn your leveling average, then it’s easy to calculate your personal time to get to a specific level.

If you’re going at a decent pace of about 15 lessons a day I would imagine it would take you about 10 to 12 months depending on how well you can retain the knowledge you learn. I am taking breaks here and there because I have a life outside of WK I need to prioritize, you can get there quicker but I think you’ll experience diminishing returns if you go faster than that.

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