New kanjis why isn't it being added

Rawfully, is that like biblically knowing them? Sounds hawt. :hotsprings:


Asks someone in level 3. You have a long way to go, mate. Enjoy the journey.


Excactly oyotta. What he said.

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And by journey you mean by from pleasant to painful to death then hell and in the end to paradise and reality. Well, I hope the quote, “It’s not the destination, its the journey!” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, really is true and apparent in this case! :smiley:

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1.5-2 years of kanji/vocab ahead of you to learn; complains about 136 kanji you might not learn.


Is there a WaniKani for Oracle Bone Script?

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That’s a really bad reason, if that was the case they wouldn’t have bothered with a lot of kanji that are already included. I expect them to make choices based on smarter reasons than that.


Definitely. The kanji are chosen based on what they find in a Japanese alphabet noodle soup.


Is a smarter reason doing a cost-benefit analysis and determining that there’s not enough money to be made by adding more levels?

That seems like the only right way to do it.

Yes, that would be a smarter way of making decisions. Adding more kanji does not mean adding more levels though :woman_shrugging:t4: And I’m not asking for them, anyway, I just think not adding something because we can learn it somewhere else some other way would be a pretty lame excuse, and I get the impression the WK team works under other type of reasoning.

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Because all the WaniKani advertising says you learn “about 2000 kanji” or something like that, but there’s 2136 kanji in the joyo set. Hence 136.

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There are many things I love about WaniKani and the community here in the forums.

But one thing that really annoys me is how in every forum entry I see in which a criticism or complaint of WaniKanji is uttered, there are always people shooting back with “complain when you’re at level 60” or “you’re just a newbie, what do you know” or just shut you down for thinking that things could be improved.

Not cool guys

Obviously this excludes all the lovely people in here who took their time to answer and discuss the question asked, you guys rock!


Those responses are reserved for people saying they want more content when they’re barely into the current content. I’m pretty sure I made a similar request when I was a really low level. :laughing:


Yeah. Complain about people saying “complain when you’re at level 60” when you’re at level 60. :stuck_out_tongue:


But guys, if they added another twenty levels they could name them “Infinity” and “Beyond”.

Isn’t that kind of thing the true reason we are all here?


The prospect of having ~1000 kanji more that don’t really have associated vocab or use outside of names is not that alluring once you finished all the hollyhocks and Noh chantings that await you in level 50–60. :slight_smile:




Kanji themself don’t matter as much as the vocabulary but I think there is enough kanji as it is. What I wish they would do is make this a more centralized resource by also teaching grammar, recall (as kaniwani does) and also listening practice.

I hope that tofugu will combine wanikani with a overall resource that teaches someone from zero Japanese knowledge up to around N2 or so.


I think I read somewhere Wanikani is focusing on adding more vocabulary to the site at the moment. At around 2,000 kanji you should be able to function and read Japanese, and will know how to teach yourself the remaining kanji :slight_smile: By the time you reach level 60 they might add more stuff anyway. Just learn the basics and worry about advanced stuff later!