New kanjis why isn't it being added

Why aren’t you guys adding new 136 kanjis? Cause i saw people saying hen you reach lvl 60 you will know rawfuly 2000 kanjis. i mean we are paying for it but no new stuff are being added. Like for example Jinmeiyō kanji.

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They are adding more example sentences though. They’re constantly improving the mnemonics and refining the EN meanings. Isn’t that new content? :thinking:

I mean no disrespect :slight_smile: WK is not perfect. But you’re still at level 3. Wanikani still has a lot to offer you.


They already are stretching the limits. Sure, I can think of a handful of ones that seem like no brainers to add (噂, 嘘, etc) but those are few and far between.

Coming up with 136 that are worth any learner’s time is a nigh impossible task.

Especially when it costs them time and resources to do that.

As it is, only a small percentage of all users even reach level 60.

BTW, there are already like 15 jinmeiyou kanji. And frankly, they seem like a waste of time to me, for the purposes of this site. If people want to bother to learn that list, power to them. I probably will give it a shot some day, if I take Kanken level pre-1 or something, but until then…


Nah, the guy’s got a point, here. There’s about fifty thousand kanji in total. Why are we satisfied with a measly two thousand?


There are 173 joyo kanji missing, there should be more than 15 jinmeiyou already :slight_smile: (more like 65)

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I’m not going to turn this into silkworm-gate Part II, but I’ll just say that anyone who wants to go scrounge up those missing joyo kanji won’t have much trouble doing so.


I love the new example sentences. Also the fact that lessons can now be ordered (ascending level then subject). It used to be shuffled.


Probably some of the kanji that take the place of joyo kanji aren’t jinmeiyou either. → Charts → Joyo, scroll to the bottom.

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this one is not on WK? I already recognize it (though I checked Jisho just to be sure I had the right one in mind). That is really surprising to me!

In terms of kanji missing, sure… I can think of common words with kanji that WK doesn’t teach: 嘘、噂、肘、膝、顎、眉、喧嘩、初詣、bla bla bla.

But to be honest? Once you’re around lvl 40, learning new kanji becomes 2nd nature. So why learn kanji used in just 1 or 2 words if you can literally just learn the words? :man_shrugging:


Neither is it a Joyo kanji.


Yeah but why dont they add those kanjis that you mention. I saw them are they are pretty common.

A lot of those are often written in kana anyway.

Precisely because of what you just said. Why waste resources adding kanji that people will easily learn from exposure? Plus, the WK system wouldn’t be efficient for them. Why would I spend 4 days learning a kanji, just to only then learn 1 or 2 words? I’d just go with the words.

It aint one or two there are 196 of them.

One or two per Kanji. What they’re trying to convey is that WK gives you a very good basis and that the Kanji that you don’t learn through it, in general don’t have that much use or can be easily learned through consuming native material.

Level 60 basically puts you near N1 level in terms of being able to read/understand Kanji. I think that’s more than enough considering the very small percentage of users that even reaches level 60.

Actually, when I was in the 50+ levels I kept thinking ‘why am I still learning these Kanji, some of these are so oddly specific or obscure, I should probably spend more time on other aspects of learning Japanese’…

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What are you referring to? You think there 196 kanji not included in WK that are as common as 嘘 and some of the others mentioned that aren’t included?

First you reach level 60. Then you can

a) complain
b) end your sub and be happy about what you learned

No point to complain at level 3. No offense.


I think there is a point here. It seems like when WK was created the idea was to have a tool that taught up to N2 level. Thats exactly what the original 50 lvl WK covered. That makes alot of sense. N2 is the level that one needs to go to school in japan or that most jobs would require. It also seem to be true that the kanji past lvl 50 are substantially less common.
But enough ppl asked for more that they created levels 50-60. And whether or not it makes alot of sense from a usefulness standpoint, “learning the joyo kanji”, is a standard that alot of ppl aspire to.
So it’s not that I feel tricked that WK doesn’t cover all the joyo, I also feel that if I make it to lvl 60 I should have enough practice learning kanji that I can pick up more if I so choose.

But there is something appealing about having a system that has 50 “main” levels that are really useful and get you to N2, and then 20 or so short extra levels that get you through the joyo.

So, while its not a big deal, as someone who aspires to “learn the joyo kanji”, it would be cool if the tool that I already use and really like and covers 90%+ of the joyo kanji (WK) just went ahead and did all of it.


Where did “136” come from? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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