New kanji no lessons

I’m sure I’m missing something here, but here goes anyway.

I have 5 kanji in apprentice for my current level, and 2 of those I haven’t seen in the lessons yet. I only have 2 lessons outstanding though and they are both vocab.

Do some kanji only appear after others have been guru’d? Mu understanding was that all kanji and radicals were available once you leveled up.

I’m sorry, I’m confused. did you just level up? And it only gave you a few kanji and radicals?

Have you guru’d all your radicals?

This is not the case. Every level has a second wave of kanji that are unlocked by that level’s radicals. (with the exception of a couple levels that have no radicals)

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The radicals!! I knew I was missing something. It’s only been an issue this level as I’ve been going super slow, so I only have 1 radical and 5 or so kanji left.

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