New icon showing up in dashboard

Strange icon

This big pink icon showed up on my dashboard. To my great surprise when I clicked on it I found myself in a chat with Koichi! I am honored. I wished I had something intelligent to tell him but to my shame I did not.

This seems to be a button to start a chat with WK staff. Is there a change to the interface that wasn’t announced? Does anyone else see it? I have no clue of where this icon come from. I find this red color annoying.


Koichi might have known the answers to these questions :slight_smile:

But yeah, it’s on my dashboard too.


You are right. I didn’t think of this. As I told I was too surprised and couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say.


Oops I said hello to it and it said someone will get back to me… :joy:

EDIT: Someone named Jen replied Hi omg I feel so bad I thought it’d be some auto generated thing xD


That was probably @JenK :slight_smile: :wave:

The WK team is pretty awesome.


Koichi needs to stop pretending to be a chat bot, and get back to working on EtoEto. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no new chat thingy for me, though…


I see it on my phone but not my laptop…

That icon appeared on my dashboard, too. When I clicked on it, it seemed to be asking me if I had any problems with WK. Since I didn’t have any issues I just closed it. Now it’s disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. I thought it was just a new way to contact the WK people.


I no longer see it on my laptop, have my privileges been revoked… :joy:

My icon is gone now. They must have removed it. Perhaps it was just a test.


Maybe :see_no_evil:?

As some of you have already figured out, yes we’re testing a new feature. We’re just seeing how it goes for now before making a permanent decision about it.

The chat widget disappears based on the hours we set, so it shouldn’t be available right now unless you had it already open before!


Thanks for the clarification.

If you should proceed with this feature, is there a way to make the icon more discreet? This big flashy pinkish red thing catches too much attention. This is annoying.

I like the idea of being able to communicate with the WK staff directly should something happen. I hope nobody will abuse the feature. It should be made clear what it is for because people will do what I did and click on it just to see what it does. This will annoy WK staff for no useful purpose.


Just a small recommendation: During the off hours, keep the icon, but change the behavior to show the active hours. Also, maybe include a link for sending an email.


Would this be less annoying? :slightly_smiling_face:



This takes me back. Damn. I feel old



On a side note when I see those chatbot box thingies, I immediately get suspicious that its some kind of scam website. Ive seen those chatbox helpers on like every scam website ive been to, trying to trick people into getting scammed. Not sure if its just me though, and I could tell that this would be a great help for new users on WaniKani.


They’re on lots of websites now - not just scam ones. Or maybe its just the websites I go to?! :laughing:


I also got to talk to Jen! I clicked it as soon as I saw it pop up grin Was I first @JenK?


This new feature is just going to end up being a bunch of users saying hi to the admins

I love it :joy:

although in all seriousness it’s probably a good idea to have this to answer questions for people who don’t use the forums while lessening the number of emails sent


But at least with email people pretty much expect a lag, while a direct chat might set expectations of prompt responses, putting a lot of pressure on the responder, plus taking away attention from other tasks they might have. You can just block off an hour or two per work day to solely work on responding to email, but with chats like these you could potetially have notifications on your screen throughout the day.