WaniKani's new chat feature is awesome!

Just wanted to show absolute support for the new feature they enrolled. It seems like a brilliant idea and I hope it will help a lot of people with problems they may be having. So glad I found this godly community and this insanely awesome resource. WaniKani is by far the best investment I have made to date. Thank you for existing and being so amazing. <3


New chat feature? Where is it? I honestly have no idea what you’re referring to haha.

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It’s a little bubble in the bottom-right of the Dashboard. Kind of pink in colour?

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Ohhh. Is that what that pink bubble was? I saw it yesterday, didn’t click, and now I don’t have it today.

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saw it pop up earlier but I went to reviews and didn’t look at what it was there for. Not seeing it right now.

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It’s not always there. You must be Blessed by the Crabigator in order to see it.


Seems so, yeah. Still, even if it is a little mysterious, I think it’s pretty cool. =D

^^ Here is proof.


I believe for the time being they’re only showing it during normal business hours, Pacific Standard Time.


I agree! I had to refresh my subscription (I use PayPal so I have to ask for a manual invoice) so I contacted them today using the feature, got a response within a minute or two and got helped immediately.

Not to say they’re slow with e-mails but I think this entire process took no longer than 10 minutes to sort out which was really nice.


Oh, groovy! Thanks!

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