[New App] Android WaniKani Progress app

Hello fellow WKers,

I’ve been working on an app for about a week. It’s development title is “WaniKani Progress”.

What it does:
WaniKani Progress takes in your API key and then show you what items you have at each SRS level, including details like next review date, meaning, reading.

Main Page

Clicking on SRS 8, for example leads to this three-tabbed page

As you can see, some radicals don’t have a character yet. This is because of a weird way WaniKani stores some of them but I’m working on it. Anyone familiar with Android development is welcome to help me understand why the ImageView I inflate to replace the TextView for those specific radicals does not get pull the image as I instruct it to :).

Naturally, this will be available for free when it is ready. If there is any monetization involved at any point, it would be for features that require much more work than anything I have in mind for the app anyway.

This is what I am hoping to include beyond what is already there:

  1. Search for all WaniKani items.
  2. Review timeline. Right now everything is sorted by review date (which is the last column on an item), but an actual dashboard that breaks it down by date could be cool.
  3. Notifications.

This is the first app I have ever written and “completed” so I really hope you like it. I am learning a lot in the process and look forward to your suggestions. I would like development to be driven by your input.

I am ready to share the apk file with anyone who would like to test the app out and provide feedback so I can fix any bugs I am unaware of. How should I go about sharing the apk? Would a link to my OneDrive storage be suitable?



Cool… looks interesting.
If I wasn’t done with WK, I’d be checking it out.

I’d guess that any accessible location for the APK would be fine.

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Search is now done. You can now search through all of WaniKani’s items for anything you’re looking for.

Updated color scheme


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One thing that would be cool: being able to search for the itens in each category (apprentice, guru…) and order them by level. This way, you could easily identify all the leeches you have ^^ Not sure if such system exists already.

This is exactly how I have implemented Search :slight_smile:.
In each SRS level, you can search within that category, and the results are ordered by level, and then alpha.

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Wow, love it! :slight_smile:

I would love to try it out ^^ Not sure where’s the best place to put it available for download though.

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