At a glance progression?

Is there a way to see at a glance what Kanjis I have at each level? I like how on the main page it now shows the little ticks under each Kanji & Radical to show how far along I am on each one at their current stage, but I’d like to see where I am on the ones from previous levels at a glance without having to pull up the page for each one. Is there a way to see a list of what I have mastered, enlightened, burned, etc… ?


1 Like and have pages with all the items :slight_smile: There are buttons so you can toggle whether you want to see burned, enlightened, etc, and other stuff as well.


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Thanks! I missed that the words “Progress”, “Items”, and “Charts” were a menu at the top. LOL! :roll_eyes::laughing:

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Oooh… I hadn’t been to this site. I like it as well. Thanks! :smiley:

Error on iPhone after inputting api v1 then load

I really like this one over wkstats…will be sad when API 1 goes away.

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Same, I get this message:


I’m on surface pro running windows, firefox…no problems

same (“disconnected”) here with ubuntu linux and firefox.

Found the page’s home thread. There has been a lot of changes on Wanikani, and it looks like wanikaniexplorer isn’t being supported anymore. It’s an old thread with the last post from over a year ago. Kinda weird that the thread hasn’t closed yet :thinking:

I need to update the app and use the new API! Didn’t know if people were using it, but perhaps so? I just tried and it’s loading fine for me on a Mac… might be some problems with Linux and or Firefox. Will take a look. Thanks for the message to spur me on to update things!

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Cool. It’s the only add-on I use with WK since it does everything I need. It’s what I recommend for people who want to see how they are doing overall. Thanks for making and hopefully updating it for the new API.