WaniKani at Android Speed

WaniKani at Android Speed


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Well, I said I'd do it, so here it is: the Android counterpart to WaniKani at Terminal Speed.
For those of you who have played BrainSpeed on smart.fm, this is very very much like it.  A term is displayed and you must choose the corresponding answer within a time limit. The more consecutive answers you get right, the shorter the time limit becomes.


You should be careful with using this tool as it will interfere with the concept of learning by Spaced Repetition.
I'd only advise using it for Burned items, even though you can select lower levels.

Tested on a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7,  and emulator running Gingerbread.
Make sure you have a solid data connection when Synchronizing, otherwise weird things might happen... 

Credit to Maestrohuber for the icon. And s84606 since I copy-pasta'd part of his app description on the Play Store.
So this past memorial day weekend, I finally got the chance to sit down and brush up on my Java and Android development skillz.
I'm sure there are plenty of bugs and probably some race conditions in the actual review portion, but it seems to work reliably so far.
I'll probably open source it at some point, but I'd need to clean up the code a lot before doing so.

After neglecting reviews all weekend, now I have >300 reviews in the queue =(

Woah… nice app! とてもありがとう~ (^____^)/
EDIT: Works perfectly on my Nexus 7!

Ignore… Downloaded the apk instead.

Not what I expected, but I still like it! Great work

Will try using this once I get to burned status. My current plan for burns has been to make an Anki deck of them testing writing for kanji, and kousei accent for vocab.

Love it. Going to fully use on my nexus 7.

Just downloaded it from the store. Works great and is really funny. Thank you nfinite!

Great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice app! Five stars to you.

Good job. 10 stars.

Zhur said... Nice app! Five stars to you.
Time said... Good job. 10 stars.
 What are you guys talking about? He should be rewarded with 42 burning turtles! ;D

Really nice, thank you! Also on my mini s2 (Gingerbread) it works like a charm.
If you need snapshots taken on a small screen, to upload them on Google play, let me know

It worked great on  Nexus 4 as well.

I recently downloaded this on my Note 3 and it keeps saying “[5/6] Downloading Vocab List… Failed Check your data connection.” Any suggestions?

Wow I haven’t logged on in a long time (1700 reviews to do -_-)
rcmp09, are you still having trouble with the vocab list?
If you have the time, could you email me at the Email Developer link on the Play Store listing? Maybe we can debug the issue.
The only thing I can think of that could fail there is the fact that your vocab list must be huge at your level. It might be timing out… I’ve got some ideas for a fix, but would need your help to verify.

There were also some other feature requests in the app reviews, so I might include those in the next release.
- Limit Overall Study Time
- Limit fastest interval time
If anyone has a feature request, and it’s reasonable, it might make it into the next release :smiley:

unreasonable request: timed sentence reading :slight_smile:

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Sorry to comment on an old thread, but great app!!!  I love it.

This is a brilliant app., but it no longer works as of November 2017. And that is a great shame as I found this app really helpful in remembering all the items in WK.

Brilliant, thank you!

I just reinstalled it in my phone and it is working for me. Perhaps your API key has changed or something.