Network Error in Wanikani Mobile for Android

Hi there.

I’m one of those who still use the old WK mobile application, because of some extra features I couldn’t find in the pink one for Android.

Welp, since recently I get a “network error” in the Stats section, in the Reviews Timeline subsection:


It also seems that history graph doesn’t update as well. But I’m not sure yet.

I used the timeline to look up my next study session time and I quite like to see my progress over time in that graph representation. It’s just cool and feels good.

Does someone else use this exact unofficial client? And if yes, do you guys have the same issue?

I just checked and mine has the same network error issue. Not sure since when since I never use that page. Took me a minute just to figure out how to get there.

Thank you for reply! :blush:
This information is really valuable. So, looks like the problem appears to be not in my particular client.
Well, the firefox greasemonkey timeline extension (Wanikani Ultimate Timeline) works fine. So, nothing wrong seems about server side, assuming the API used is the same.
Hmm… The mentioned app last update was 2 years ago. I doubt I can get in touch with any developer.
Hmm… Okay, looks like I should just hope it will fix itself someday. :confused:

upd: It actually may be consequence of some server update and the way this app uses (probably) obsolete 2 years old API calls. Then, it’s broken for good.

upd2: Seems like this application is an open source project so I actually can look up for the issue source. I’ll do that if it gets too annoying without this feature.

I get the same thing. It also now calculates my average level time as 102 days which makes no sense at all, it was correct until a couple of days ago at least… Guess it’s likely to be related to the API changes that were introduced yesterday.

As I’m aware, there is no official wanikani mobile app for any platform.


I’m getting some strange behavior this morning in the pink Android app. My next review keeps showing as right now or 3 minutes ago when there are no reviews, this even when it is refreshed. Wonder if the time on a server is off or something?

I think you’re on to something. I just finished 5 kanji that should have put me well into 90% to start the next level. However, the level stayed the same and my reviews are at zero. This applies to the app and the website. Something’s not right.

Oh, now they are both working again, app and website. Cool.

I’m getting the same issue on the main site. I perpetually have reviews waiting now:

Sometimes I’ll get a few second lag after I just finish reviews, but this is like… forever.

Heads up. Looks like there are other people in other threads with (what I think is) the same issue.

Something really weird just happened to me too, and on the web version.

I finished 105 reviews (I think, around that amount), but then the same reviews came back again ._. so i did them twice. I don’t think the amount that came back was 105 though, probably 30 or so, but…woot??


I hope everything will be ok now!

Yup, this juuuuust happened to me as well.

Trump and the Russians may be hacking WaniKani…OhNoes!!


Weird things happening here too, did a bunch of reviews twice. radicals that I just guru’d are still saying they are apprentice and ready to review, but no reviews to do


So…it could still be the Russians, technically…

I use this and have gotten the exact same issue as well. I really hope it gets fixed at some point, but I don’t know if anybody still updates this app or anything :frowning:

Yeah, my mistake. Let’s call them an old one (subj) and a pink one

My point is, the old one is not discoverable in Google Play via search anymore. If I’m not mistaken, it was discoverable long ago.

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The issue described in my initial post seems to actually be fixed on it’s own or something.
Quite confusing, yet satisfying.

Thanks everyone. Whoever has the same issue, check it out, should be working as well.
By the way, what about the other issues reported in this thread? Are those fixed for you as well?

It’s fixed for me as well (yay!) No offense to the person that made the more recent app, but I like all the extra info in the graphs and stuff from this old app and would prefer to keep using it!

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I am suffering from the same problems. I love the old App. it gives me incentives to study on time. It also gives the vocab words in an order that is far easier to print off than the offical one, to keep in records. I often restudy, words I have burnt. I am talking about the App published by Alberto Cudo. Totally one of the best concieved apps ever.
I am also doing reviews over and over on the official site. I thought it was my imagination.