Having some trouble getting back into the swing of things

Since coming back from vacation, I wanted to start my lessons again pretty shortly thereafter, but I’ve been having trouble. How do others get back to Wanikani after a break?

I had the exact same problem. My solution was to go back to my usual habits regarding WaniKani: doing my reviews and 10-15 lessons every two days while drinking my tea coming back from work.

Once you tie it to other habits it becomes quite relaxing :stuck_out_tongue:


I shall have to try this. do my lessons when I get back from work or something :o

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I, myself, just recently got back from a week long vacation and while I did my lessons a bit, I did let them pile up more than I would’ve liked. Towards the end of the week while I still had free time before going back to work, I just chose a time where I could knock out about 20% and then every time over the last few days of my break, I would work on more, always making sure I did more than any reviews I had coming up so I was always making my review list smaller.

I’m no WK veteran, but it seemed like the easiest thing to do to get back into the swing of things. I had just hit level 7 at the time too, so I looked back at the Kanji list for a few minutes before moving to reviews just to refresh. It seemed to work just fine!

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