Questions about the lyrics to コントリーロード (Country Roads) also intro post

Just hit level 10 so I decided to check out the forums/community. Wanted to learn a little before I spent my time not studying and browsing forums since I’ve read lots of people fall for that trap. This is my hello world post.

I was listening to the Japanese version of Country roads and I noticed something and have a question or two. In the song, the singer says あのまちに、and the kanji used to represent まち is 街, which happens to mean town according to google translate. In level 9 or 10, I just learned that 町 pronounced the same way also means town. Any reason the song would use one or the other?

Second, the singer says something like行かないさ、行けない and im pretty sure they’re saying いけないさ but the Romaji says yukanai yukanai (not yukenai?). I know that 行 can be either ゆ, 行き or い 行く so was it just the choice of the singer, am I hearing it wrong? I feel weird learning from subtitles now, especially romaji ones. I am happy to realize I recognize every radical in the sentence, 僕は行かないさ行けない, since the radical 業 is in 10 and just has leader stuck on the front of it.

The email from Kouichi said to start learning grammar around now and I’m trying. Rate my sentence, is it intelligible? Is it weirdly phrased? 日本のビールの中で一番好きなのは朝日です or maybe this other one which I think sounds silly, (あなたは?)バナナとアナナスが嫌いですか?私自立は、アナナスが好きがアナナスが嫌い

If you want you can read my blog I started where I try to explain Japanese grammar to myself in Latin. It’s not just a gimmick, there’s some evidence for doing things that way and also I like no one being able to know when I make typos, as if anyone reads my blog anyway…

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I had to look up アナナス. Have you seen that used before?

This one should be: 私(自身)はアナナスが好きだが、バナナが嫌いです。

Though ですが or だけど sound better than だが, which sounds a bit formal or gruff to me. You do need a verb (or i-adjective) before が/けど meaning but.

You wrote pineapple twice, so I substituted one :wink:. Also, since the question was neutral, I added desu to the followup sentence as well.

The other sentences were A-OK!

As for the lyrics: often lyrics on lyric websites will have little differences to what you actually hear. I have also often heard ゆく instead of いく or the other way around, when the lyrics said the other. In any case, in a lyric video it looks transcribed correctly:

街 is a very common way to write まち.

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Oh yeah right, I had some thought about that too. Should be パイナップル.

It’s just what I assumed pineapple was because it’s ananas in like every other language. Sounded better than パインアップル。Also I couldn’t figure out how to type pineapple for a while.

Oh you merge the n and a sounds. In katakana words often don’t split the same way as in the original language. Like Los Angeles also becomes ロサンゼルス.

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That’s a good tip, thanks.

Today I learned




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