N5 reading material?

I have downloaded ebooks, but the issue is I find most of the material I find is geared toward N4+ and a bit hard for me. I’d rather not tackle those with out my teacher. I just finished my first N5 reading book and I’m having issues finding other material at my level. Any suggestions? I have kindle unlimited and I’m not adverse to spending a few $ but really don’t have the money for the graded readers right now.


Did you checked this thread already? It has some recomendations. You can check on previous Books and currently reading one’s too.

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Some free books and links here too, Sara: https://tadoku.org/japanese/en/free-books-en/

The problem is that even quite young children use relatively complex grammar (and have huge receptive vocabularies). So any native language content, even if aimed at young children, has some trickier stuff in there.

The answer of course is graded readers, but as you say the problem is they are ridiculously expensive.

The books we’ve read in absolute beginners book club are good options to try. They’ve been selected for having “simpler” language (with the caveat that even a book aimed at children will have some N2/3 grammar points not that infrequently). The advantage of doing it in a club is that you can ask questions and see questions others have asked.


I have two other books in the series and I love them!

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