N da vs no da?

I can’t type in japanese on this computer so you’ll have to excuse the romaji.

So, - no desu = -n da
and you can also go with -n desu

but is -no da a thing?

for example:

samui no desu - because it is cold
samuin da - 'cause its cold
samuin desu - because its cold

???samui no da??? - 'cause it is cold???

Yes it is :durtle_the_explorer:

~のだ is more formal and more likely to be seen in written Japanese
~んだ is less formal and more likely to be used in spoken Japanese


Thanks for asking this, and thanks to @MissMisc for answering. The difference between -んです and -のです has been driving me nuts. So it’s just a formal thing. Good to know.

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