My WK Goal before JLPT N2



Not to burst your bubble, but if you go at max speed (about a level per week) from now until the test you’ll only be able to gain about 15 levels in all (so level 33-34) before the test.

That being said you should absolutely do your best to get as far as possible! Take that motivation you’ve got right now and run with it. Build a habit, create a feeling of dedication that lasts even when your motivation is lacking. According to wkstats, even at level 33, you should still have 70% of the kanji unique to N2, and 86% of all kanji that might appear on the test!

When I took N2 I didn’t feel ready at all, and was fully ready to receive my fail result when against all odds, I got the news that I passed with 90/180, the minimum score needed to pass! You’ve got this, just stick it out (even when it sucks, is hard, and you just want to quit) and you’ll pass with flying colors.

Also, this goes without saying, but don’t slack off on your grammar and vocab outside of WaniKani. It’s a great tool, but it really only works for kanji and won’t get you anywhere beyond that.


Then you should have no issues going full speed, best of luck!

Thanks! I actually decided to focus on my reading/speaking/writing, and since I just barely passed (this was last July) I decided to give myself a little more time to study so I could relax a bit before diving back in head-first. I’m just now starting to do some study prep (review of older vocab and collecting any I missed/forgot along the way) before I get into N1 study fully, but I plan on taking it in December and hoping to pass by July 2021! It’s quite the big gap between N2 and N1, so I doubt I’ll pass it this first time around.

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Best of luck on passing N2! :pray:


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