My Ultimate JLPT Grammar Guide


Hello everyone. this is my grammar guide, a PDF book that contains summarised grammar notes from different textbooks that I own as well as online sources, so that you can learn grammar or so that you can revise for the JLPT exams. Rather than go into immense detail, and provide practice resources I have concisely written down about two textbooks worth of grammar knowledge into about 80 pages of A4.

I have also tried to explain the concepts as simply as I possibly can, you may find that the original resources are better for you. By no means is this meant to replace textbooks, but merely as a revision resource, however it is feasible to learn the grammar from this. Don’t forget that you will also need to learn vocabulary and Kanji as well in order to do well.

Some Issues with the Document May be present
  • Kanji knowledge may be overly advanced. My current JLPT level for Kanji is between N2 and N1, WK Level 48, so for a lot of people, they will have to look up additional Kanji they have yet to learn

  • Includes British English spelling and vocabulary (e.g. ‘to revise’ instead of ‘to study’)

  • May have mistakes/small inaccuracies with spelling and translation.

I plan to include JLPT N3 at some point in the future, as well as a few things I haven’t included, however for JLPT N5 and N4 it is close to being a complete list.


If you find any mistakes with the document, such as mistakes or things that are left out, just leave a comment below. It may be a while before I post another update, University is quite busy, and my course is Animation, not Japanese, so I don’t have a lot of time to do things.


Here’s something unique and different.


Really cool, looking forward to see the finished version!
I’m sorry for the maybe hard to answer question but; do you have any idea when it might be done? It looks really good : D

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Honestly I have not even started on grammar yet, because it’s so difficult to learn without knowing very much vocab. Judging by the screenshots I think your notes would be better for me to learn grammar than using something that integrates kanji and vocab as well. Please release soon friend.

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Highly recommend starting it soon. You don’t have to know a ton of vocab. Honestly you can use English vocab to get the concepts down. You can also use a few verbs you know to practice conjugation.

Vocab is easy.

Grammar is a harsh mistress.


Hopefully sometime before I’m due to take the JLPT exam in December. I’ve started working on it last night and am trying to get as much done before I go back to University in a few weeks.

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Exciting !!!

This is freaking awesome!

I would like to vote that you don’t add furigana, actually… We’re going to need to know the kanji for the tests anyway.


Great idea!

I’ll be sure to read it when there’s a bit more content.

Yes! Please let us know when this is ready!

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I plan to modify a duplicate for the furigana, I don’t intend to use furigana myself as I am able to read most Kanji, if not all kanji on the document.


Perfect! I, too, would like to use the one without furigana. I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate being able to use this. You are certainly too kind to make this available for free. <3


This sounds so awesome, thank you for planning on making it available for us too!! I’m looking forward to using it!

This sounds really good, looking forward to release! Thanks! :smiley:

I made a て-form list ordered like how to build it(that is pretty bad English isn’t it XD) anyways, you can use it if you want

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Having said that, I would recommend you use any of the online services that allow you to receive tips if you’re going to give this out for free. Can’t hurt :wink:.

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Great guide.
You write たくさん or とい (and probably other such words) using kanji. Aren’t they usually written in hiragana?
Bug ?:
page 30; example for “〜[て]もいいです” is “トイレに行きましょう”

This is great! Thank you! I also like your artistic style. Everything flows together pretty well. I’ll definitely have to read this.

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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I found your guide very aesthetically pleasing ^^ awesome job, thank you for sharing your hard work with us!


Explanations are easy to get,this will make a nice complement to my regular grammar book. Thanks!