My subjects won't load for my scripts

I don’t really understand why this happens, but it’s been happening for a few days now. I have scripts installed, but I didn’t change anything when this happened. When I go into WK with all those scripts, it loads reviews, subjects, etc… But the subjects have just not loaded. Here’s a screenshot of what it stays on on the menu.
Screenshot 2022-02-22 21.24.56
In reviews it tries to load WK subjects but it just never loads, it doesn’t have reviews attached to it.

Also, in the picture it shows it’s loading reviews, it loads them, so it’s only the subjects. I guess it could be connected but I don’t think so because everything that uses WK review data loads.

Try opening the Network tab (press F12 to open the developer tools, then click the network tab), refresh the page, and look for errors (in red) in the network tab. You should be able to click on any failed requests and look at what error the server is reporting.

Side note… The server does have “rate limiting” to prevent excessive load on the server. It’s possible that it’s still trying to load, but is maybe running into the rate limit. In that case, it has to pause the loading for a little bit, and it will eventually resume.

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F12 doesn’t exist on my keyboard, sorry (I’m on a Chromebook :frowning: ). But I think I know where developer tools are so it’s ok.

How long does this take though? Subjects never loaded during my reviews last night which took me like 15 minutes. There is an error though so probably that, considering what it says:

It should take <1min to resume loading if it gets rate-limited, so that doesn’t sound like the problem.

In the bottom-right window (of your screen capture above), click the Headers tab to see what the error code is from the server.

Also, are there any errors in the Javascript console? (Console tab in the dev tools)

If none of the data loads, you may need to clear your API key from cache.

Error code 403

And then the console tab:

Ahh, okay, it’s something blocking access to the API. This is usually caused by a spam filter or other security plugin or software. There was someone else who had a similar (maybe even identical) problem recently, but I don’t remember what the cause was in their case.

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Oh god please don’t be the school firewall. I might have to burn that stupid firewall, considering it has blocked me from checking my grades. It’s just… A terrible firewall

I can check by using my personal desktop, it’s not on rn though. Let me go do that then. It’ll at least get it a bit more specific I guess

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It was this, I wish I knew why that happens though. I’ll just mark your message as the solution since it was.


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